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International Utrecht

Utrecht is the beating heart of the Netherlands. A medieval city centre small enough to explore on foot. Large enough to enjoy world class festivals, modern architecture, trendy shops and interesting museums for days on end.
Utrecht is developing from a medium-sized provincial city into a regional capital of European importance. The city's current expansion, more rapid than any in the city's long history, combines physical expansion with innovation, major economic opportunities and a new urban dynamism. As a medieval treasure and a leading academic, technological and cultural centre, Utrecht is now a pro-active player in the international community. Read more...

Mayor Jan van Zanen
Mayor Jan van Zanen

Charming, vital and ambitious. These qualities represent the essence of Utrecht. Behind the picturesque façade of an ancient provincial capital beats the dynamic heart of one of the Netherlands' most prosperous and innovative cities. With its central location and creative talent, Utrecht is an important meeting place for culture, knowledge and business, and has been for more than 20 centuries. This, more than anything else, has made the city what it is today.

Visiting Utrecht

Discover the secrets and charms of one of the world's 'most unsung cities' (according to the Lonely Planet travel guide): Utrecht, a city of unparalleled vitality. A medieval city centre small enough to explore on foot, yet large enough to host world-class festivals, fashionable shops, modern architecture and fascinating museums. Friendly outdoor cafés and restaurants. Welcoming hotels. Utrecht has it all. Read more...

Investing in Utrecht

The Utrecht region has one of the most favourable expectations for economic growth of all the city regions in Western Europe thanks to its knowledge-based economy and young, highly educated population. What makes Utrecht attractive? Read more...

Filming in Utrecht

The Film Commission Utrecht can help you with assistance and advice in finding suitable locations, accessing the local suppliers network, finding space and facilities for your production team and a quick intake with the City of Utrecht Permits Department and swift turnaround times. Read more...

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Last update: 26 november 2015


City hall:
Stadsplateau 1

Postal Address:
Postbus 16200
3500 CE Utrecht

+31 (0)30 286 00 00
For English: please
hold the line for
an operator


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Domchurch and tower

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