Burgemeester 25-jarig bestaan Schinkel Benelux Stefon BV

Toespraak burgemeester Jan van Zanen

Utrecht, Schillertheater Place Royale, 14 december 2018

Dear all, dear Hannie, Steef and Milan,

The nicest days of the year are coming. The days of: Christmas. A New Year. And: spending time with our loved ones. I am really looking forward to this. As you do, I suppose... But... in the weeks before Christmas (and maybe our foreign guests will recognize this too), a bit of stress is creeping in. Every December, the same burning questions: who shall we invite to our Christmas dinner? How do we compose our Christmas menu? Who will be acting as chef in the kitchen? And: who does the shopping?

Especially this last issue is of great importance. You can go to the supermarket, or... if you want less stress... order your Christmas supplies. Many people prefer to have their ingredients delivered. And that's why so many supermarket delivery trucks are roaming our streets in December.

Maybe you are wondering why am I telling you this story... I'll explain... Every time, I see a delivery truck of Albert Heijn of Jumbo, our biggest supermarket chains, I think of you, Hannie, Steef and Milan. The trucks remind me of your company. In case you wonder who designs and produces the panels of all the big cargo boxes on the trucks... well, that's the company of Steef, Hannie and Milan. Making possible that our ingredients will be delivered dry, fresh and cooled at out doorsteps.

Of course Schinkel Benelux Stefon BV, as you call yourself proudly, 'most important supplier for industrial bodywork construction in the Netherlands', produces many things. Developes new, innovative products. Makes products more sustainable. More eco-friendly. 25 years already... As I mentioned before: there is a lot to celebrate this December. New Year's Eve, Christmas, the Christmas drinks... The supermarket trucks in our streets remind us of the joyful days to come. But also remind us that today, it is a very special day... Here, in the beloved Schiller Theatre Palace Royale - your Schiller Theatre Palace Royale - we celebrate, as we say in Holland, a silver jubilee... Of an enterprising, hardworking and innovative family - made of gold. 25 carat. Hannie, Steef and Milan: I congratulate you on this anniversary. Carry on.

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