Burgemeester Ceremonie Japanse stand Vakantiebeurs

Toespraak burgemeester Jan van Zanen

Jaarbeursplein, Koninklijke Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, 18 januari

Horinouchi-san, your excellency, dear all,  

Konnichiwa …  This is the word to welcome you to our city, in the heart of the Netherlands. Thank you for your kind words. In Dutch… My compliments … I heard, that it is your custom to speech in the native language where you are posted. Your previous country was Cambodia, so over there you usually spoke Cambodian. Impressive.

And now, you are posted in the Netherlands. And you speak Dutch, which is I might say very impressive. And that is because Dutch and Japanese are two different languages. To say the least, because some say, two languages could not be more different than Japanese and Dutch. The language barrier can be sky high ... But … barriers can be broken. Even language barriers … We even have lent a few words to each other. The Dutch know how to enjoy their sushi … and in Japan, food in restaurants is prepared by a kokku … Of course, there is much more
that connects us.

The Japanese and the Dutch have shown that, despite many differences,  two countries can establish and maintain strong ties in good and bad times even after four centuries …  Our long lasting friendship comes to surface, here at the Japanese booth, at the Holiday Fair. A friendship, we seal with a ceremony, a drink, a toast.
Sometimes,  no words are needed just a friendly toast.  

Horinouchi-san, your excellency, dear all,

It’s a pleasure and an honour to be here. Please have a pleasant stay at the Holiday Fair. May this beautiful stand be the stepping stone of unforgettable future journeys to the Land of the Rising Sun. Arigato gozaimas. Or in Dutch: dank u wel.

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