Burgemeester Opening nieuw kantoor bank Santander

Toespraak burgemeester Jan van Zanen

Utrecht, Vliegend Hertlaan, 24 mei 2019

Fernando, Roberto, Fernan, Bart y Koen, buenos dias, a todas y todos, gracias por la bienvenida. Disculpe, continuo en ingles.
In the first place: I congratulate you on your new office. It looks beautiful and the view is beautiful. The distance between the office at the Winthontlaan and here, your new office, is - by bike - only six hundred meters. Nevertheless, I can imagine that this feels as a different world to you. Hope you feel at home soon in your new ‘casa’. I want to thank you for choosing for Utrecht again. The city in the heart of the Netherlands. Striving for healthy urban living. A city also, with significant historical ties with Spain.
These ties can be found, for instance, in our historic building, which is named after Charles the Fifth, who was, in the sixteenth century, king of both Spain and Utrecht. And, as you know, in twenty-twenty Utrecht will host ‘La Gran Salida de la Vuelta’. So next year, Utrecht will be the epicenter of cycling. For a short moment, but we will  be enjoying every minute of it.
To you, Utrecht is the epicenter of your activities in the Benelux. And, hopefully, it will be for many more years ... And we, people of Utrecht, will enjoy every minute of that… Muchas gracias.

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