City of Utrecht Coronavirus (English)

The Municipality of Utrecht is following the guidelines and information of the RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), the Municipal Health Service for the Utrecht region (GGD Regio Utrecht) and the Dutch Ministry of Health.

Changes to our services

We're doing our best to keep vital services and support available. The city hall and the Vleuten-De Meern district service centre are open. There will be cases where we will have to limit some of our services for people's safety. We are following the guidelines set by the government.

Update 5-6: Nearly everything to reopen, subject to certain conditions

The number of people being admitted to hospital with COVID-19 is falling rapidly. And more and more people are being vaccinated. From Saturday 5 June, most locations in the Netherlands will be open, subject to certain conditions. The measures below are lifted or relaxed as of 5 June.

  • The maximum group size will increase to 4 people. The advice for receiving visitors at home has changed too. You are advised to receive no more than 4 visitors a day at home.
  • The maximum number of visitors in one space is 50, at a distance of 1.5 metres apart. Large venues with 1,000 seats or more, however, may admit up to 250 visitors, 1.5 metres apart. This applies to all large indoor and outdoor venues like indoor arenas, open-air theatres and concert halls.
  • Museums and historic buildings may reopen their indoor spaces. Museums may admit one visitor per 10 square metres. Cinemas - including art house cinemas -, pop music venues, and theatres can also open their doors again, subject to certain conditions including reservation, health checks and designated seating.
  • People of all ages can now take part in artistic and cultural activities in groups.
  • Indoor spaces at amusement parks, nature parks and zoos may reopen. Casinos, play and recreational facilities (for example, laser gaming venues), saunas and spas may also reopen.
  • Adults may once again do sport in groups of up to 50 people without having to keep 1.5 metres apart, if the sport in question requires people to be closer.
  • Establishments serving food and drink can be open from 06.00 to 22.00.
  • All shops can open in accordance with their regular opening times. This means that late-night shopping is permitted again.
  • All other measures and the basic rules will continue to apply to everyone.

All other measures and the basic rules will continue to apply to everyone.

The next step of the reopening plan is now planned for 30 June. The government will decide on 22 June whether to implement this step as planned.

Read the news item on the government website Step 3: nearly everything to reopen, subject to certain conditions

Update 19-5: Gyms can open and more outdoor activities permitted

The number of coronavirus patients in hospital is declining. Over 6 million coronavirus vaccinations have now been given, and more are being given every day. The number of coronavirus patients in hospital is expected to continue to decline. As such, some coronavirus measures are being relaxed:

  • Indoor sports venues, such as gyms and swimming pools, can reopen under specific conditions: max. 30 people per room and everyone must keep 1.5 metres away from each other. Outdoor group sports are also allowed to restart, again under specific conditions: max. 30 people per room and everyone must keep 1.5 metres away from each other. Matches and spectators are not allowed.
  • Amusement parks, nature parks, zoos and petting zoos can reopen under specific conditions, as can outdoor play areas such as minigolf, climbing forests and outdoor playgrounds. Bicycle and canoe rental is allowed to resume.
  • Indoor art and culture venues are opening. For example, music, dance and drama lessons are allowed again. As with sports, this is allowed for up to two people plus a teacher. Open-air theatres and museums, sculpture gardens and open-air monuments can also reopen under specific conditions.
  • Open-air terraces may be open from 6.00 to 20.00. All conditions remain in effect, such as a maximum of 50 people on a terrace and no more than 2 people per table, 1.5 metres from others. This does not apply to people from the same household. Terraces at sports venues are also allowed to reopen, subject to the same rules as for other open-air terraces.
  • All contact professions are allowed to resume operations.

As society restarts step by step, it is essential that we avoid crowds. If it is too busy somewhere and you cannot maintain 1.5 metres distance, you should leave. It is also important to continue to follow the basic rules. Even if you have already been vaccinated: wash your hands, keep your distance and stay at home and get tested if you have symptoms. Everyone should get vaccinated as soon as the vaccine is available to them.

Read the corona measures in brief on the government website

Update 21-4: Shops and outdoor seating at restaurants and cafés will partially reopen; evening curfew lifted

The first, cautious step of the reopening plan will be taken on 28 April.
It’s still important that everyone keeps following the basic rules. This means washing your hands, keeping your distance, and staying home and getting tested if you have any symptoms. It’s also important to get vaccinated as soon as you are able to do so.

The following coronavirus measures, among other things, will be lifted or relaxed as of 28 April. All other measures will continue to apply.

  • The evening curfew will be lifted at 4:30 on 28 April 2021.
  • The advice for receiving visitors at home is changing. You are advised to receive no more than 2 visitors a day at home, and visit no more than 1 other household per day.
  • Outdoor seating areas at restaurants and cafés may be open from 12:00 to 18:00, under certain conditions. Each establishment may have a maximum of 50 guests. Each guest must be assigned a seat. Self-service is not allowed.
  • All shops may admit customers without an appointment. Certain conditions still apply, such as a limit on the number of shoppers allowed inside at the same time.
  • Non-food articles, like clothing and cosmetics, may again be sold at general markets.
  • As of Monday 26 April, students at universities and HBO institutions will again be able to attend classes at their educational institution. This will be limited to about 1 day a week and certain conditions will apply,

On 3 May the government will decide whether the numbers allow us to take the second step. More information will also be announced at that time about the government's travel advice.

Read the news item on

Update 14-4: a plan to open up - more freedom in stages

A plan has been made to slowly reopen society, which is only possible if fewer people are hospitalised with coronavirus. The number of coronavirus infections is currently still on the rise, and there are still too many people with coronavirus in hospital. The vaccination rate is increasing rapidly, though, and the number of coronavirus patients in hospital is expected to be much lower in a few weeks. Entry testing will also allow for a lot more.

We will enter the first stage of the opening up plan on 28 April, at the earliest. The current coronavirus measures will remain in effect until then. After school childcare will be open to all children again from 19 April. Students in higher education will be able to attend classes on location one day a week starting 26 April, if infection rates allow it. Following the basic guidelines remains essential to prevent infection.

Read the rules for everyone to limit the spread of coronavirus on

Read the press release Opening plan: more freedom, step by step on

More information


For the latest news about the coronavirus and the number of infections in Utrecht and the Netherlands, visit the RIVM website.

Other questions

The website of the national government contains frequently asked questions for schools, companies and travellers. If you still have questions after reading it, please call the national information number: 0800 - 13 51 (8.00 - 20.00).


You are under an obligation to report the coronavirus. The GP will consult with the GGD as to whether the patient should be examined for corona. The GGD is conducting research into whom infected patients have recently had contact with. If you want more information, visit the website of the GGD Region Utrecht (Dutch).

General Practitioner (GP)

If you have health problems and have been in an infected area, please contact your GP by telephone.

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What can you do yourself?

For residents and visitors in the Utrecht region, the general health advice remains:

  • wash your hands with soap and water
  • sneeze and cough into your elbow
  • turn away from others coughing or sneezing and use paper tissues
  • do not shake hands

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