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On this page you will find earlier updates on the coronavirus.

Update 7-4: Letter Mayor about coronavirus

Dear Utrechters, Empty schoolyards, shopping areas where you can hear a pin drop and terrace chairs piled up everywhere, and the most beautiful spring weather. It is and remains an unusual contrast. The fact that disinfected shopping carts are the new norm in the supermarkets is something I could get used to, but at the same time, all these things remain unreal.

Read the letter

Update 31-3: Coronavirus measures extended up until April 28

The measures of the government to protect against  coronavirus are extended up until April 28.
Extending the measures is necessary in order to control the spread of coronavirus, to protect vulnerable groups and to make sure that healthcare professionals and hospitals can deal with the pressure.

This means that:

  • Sports facilities, businesses serving food and drink and day-care centres must remain closed.
  • Schools must remain closed until at least the May vacation.
  • The ban on events remains valid until the first of June, and in the week before April 28 the government will decide what measures are necessary for the next period.
  • Stay at home as much as possible, follow the rules, keep 1.5 metres distance from each other and avoid crowds.

Visit the website of the government for more information

Update 24-3: New rules for markets

Street markets are still being held. However, the measures for markets are tightened.

  • Only food is allowed to be sold.
  • You cannot eat bought food at the market.
  • The cloth market, the flower markets at Janskerkhof and Oudegracht, are all cancelled.
  • The 1,5 metres distance rule also applies at markets.
  • Do not visit the market if you have a cold or a fever.

Update 23-3: Government tightens corona measures

Today, the government has taken extra measures to control the coronavirus. This means:

  • All events and meetings are cancelled until June 1, 2020 (regardless of the number of participants).
  • The authorities will take action against groups of 3 or more people, who do not keep the required 1.5 metres distance from each other. This does not apply to children or to people who share a household, such as families.
  • A maximum of 3 people may visit your home, but they do need to keep a distance of 1.5 metres.
  • People are asked to stay at home as much as possible. They are only allowed to go outside to run errands, go to work (if they work in a crucial sector) or to take care of others.
  • You can go outside to get some fresh air, but not in a group.
  • People must stay at least 1.5 metres away from each other outside, in shops and in public transport.
  • Hairdressers and nail salons are closed until April 6.
  • The mayor can enforce compliance with the rules, for example by imposing a fine.
  • If a person in the family has a fever, the whole family should stay at home.

View more extensive information and explanation of the new measures on the website of the government.

Update 22-3: maintain a 1,5 metres distance

Again the municipality urges its inhabitants to follow the rules and regulations set by the government. People who have a cold, who cough or have a fever, should stay at home. If you are not ill, you can go outside, but it is very important everybody abides by the rules. Therefore don't gather in a large groups, do not touch and keep a 1,5 metres distance from each other.

Update 20-3: The city of Utrecht announced local emergency support measures for entrepreneurs

You can read the letter with the measures here (pdf, 244 kB)
English site for businesses

Update 17-3: New economic measures being taken by the Government

On 17 March 2020, the government decided to take exceptional economic measures as a result of the coronavirus. The aim is to protect our jobs and income in addition to our health and to minimise the impact of the consequences for self-employed professionals, SME entrepreneurs and large companies.

More information for businesses

Update 16-3: Services remain limited and no council meetings

No council meetings

Scheduled meetings and other meetings will not be held until 7 April. No council meetings, no committee meetings and no information meetings 26 March and 2 and 7 April. Necessary decisions will, of course, be taken. The democratic process will continue, digitally. More information will follow as soon as possible. 


Our services remain limited. The city hall and the Vleuten-De Meern district service centre are open. There will be cases where we will have to limit some of our services for people's safety. We are following the national government guidelines.

Update 15-3: New measures

Additional measures have been announced to curb the spread of the coronavirus. These can be found on the RIVM website. The most important measures at a glance:

  • Stay at home with symptoms such as a cold or a cough, even if you have no fever. Only call your GP if the symptoms get worse.
  • Work from home as much as possible or spread out working hours.
  • Limit visits to the elderly and those with ill health. These people are also advised to avoid gatherings and public transport.
  • Keep an appropriate distance where possible, for example when shopping. Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from others.
  • All schools and childcare facilities will be closed. Children with parents who are key workers will still be looked after there. You will find a list of key workers on the National Government's website (Rijksoverheid).
  • HBO and university educational institutions should offer their lectures online as much as possible.
  • All food and beverage outlets will be closed.
  • Sports and fitness clubs, saunas and sex clubs will be closed. Coffeeshops will only remain open for pick-up.

The measures apply nationwide and will be in force until 6 April.

Update 15-3: Services remain available

The services of the municipality of Utrecht remain available to residents and businesses. The main city office (stadskantoor) nearby Central Station and the district service centre is open. Some adjustments have been made because of the coronavirus, in line with the guidelines of the Central Government (

Do you have an appointment at the city office?

We ask you not to come if you have complaints such as a cold, cough, or fever. If this applies to you, please cancel your appointment online. If it is urgent, contact the telephone number 14030.

There are fewer available appointment times. So please bear in mind:

  • Only make an appointment if it is really necessary or urgent. (If you already have an appointment and it is urgent, for example, a birth or death declaration, then do not cancel your appointment.)
  • If you cannot to come to an appointment, please cancel it via your confirmation email.

The waiting time on the telephone at the Customer Contact Centre is longer than usual. We ask for your understanding.

What goes on as usual?

  • The clinics (consultation offices; health checks for babies and children) are open.
  • Waste collection continues on the normal schedules and routes. The 3 recycling/disposal centres in the city are open.
  • The markets will be held as usual. Visitors are asked to keep their distance from each other.
  • Wardens will patrol the streets as usual.

What is different?

  • Meetings and events with more than 100 people are cancelled.
  • Public locations such as museums, concert halls and theatres are closed.
  • Swimming pools are closed.