Health Monitor 2022

How are the residents of Utrecht doing after two and a half years of coronavirus? The coronavirus crisis has affected all of our lives. The department of public health of the city of Utrecht is therefore doing research about the consequences of the corona period on the health, lifestyle and well-being of residents aged 18 and older. We do this in collaboration with the RIVM, Statistics Netherlands and the Municipal Health Service for the Utrecht region (GGD).

More than 21.000 randomly selected citizens of Utrecht will be approached to participate in this survey. They can receive an invitation for the survey from 6 September onwards. The questionnaire contains various topics, such as health, well-being, lifestyle and coronavirus. The survey will start on the 6th of September 2022 and run until early December.


Statistics Netherlands randomly selects the people who receive an invitation to participate in the GGD Health Monitor 2022. They form a good reflection of the population. This group of residents is invited to complete a questionnaire. This can be done online or on paper. Persons who are not selected cannot participate in this study. Participation is voluntary, but the municipality of Utrecht would appreciate your participation.

Based on the results, municipalities, GGDs and other government agencies will determine the health policy for the coming years.

The data of the participants will be treated and processed in the strictest confidence. More information on how we handle the privacy of participants and why we work together with Statistics Netherlands can be found in our privacy statement.

Have you received an invitation, and do you have questions?

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Do you want more information about the Health Monitor 2022?

You can get in touch with the researchers of the department of public health of the municipality of Utrecht. Please send an email to

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