Refugees and asylum seekers

Do you want to apply for asylum and take up residence in the Netherlands? Or do you want to become Dutch? Register with the Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst (IND) — the Immigration and Naturalisation Service.

The Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst arranges the asylum procedure. The IND grants a residence permit or rejects an asylum application.


The Centraal orgaan Opvang Asielzoekers (COA) — Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers — is responsible for the reception of asylum seekers at various locations in the Netherlands.

In Utrecht, the COA has an asylum seekers centre (asielzoekerscentrum, AZC) at Joseph Haydnlaan 2 in West. In the innovative approach for the integration of refugees Plan Einstein the city of Utrecht, its partners and COA work together. The project is located at Joseph Haydnlaan 2A.

Civic integration

Do you live in the Netherlands? In that case you will participate in a civic integration programme.

Read how to participate in a civic integration programme in the Netherlands and how to prepare for the civic integration exam

Refugee Council

Vluchtelingenwerk (Refugee Council) Midden-Nederland provides support and looks after your interests. You can turn to them if you have any questions about health, civic integration, volunteer work, asylum procedures, housing, finance and sports. The Refugee Council can be found at the reception locations and has an office in Utrecht at Telingstraat 2.

Work and Income

The municipality of Utrecht and the Refugee Council Midden-Nederland together take care of tailor-made guidance to help you find work, studies, work placement, a work experience place, or volunteer work.

Welcome to Utrecht

Which activities in Utrecht are intended to encourage refugees and local residents to get to know each other? Read the stories and like the Facebook page.

VC Utrecht (volunteer centre)

Do you want to do volunteer work? VC Utrecht has vacancies for volunteer work and brings volunteers and organisations together.

UAF (foundation for refugee students)

Do you want to study or are you looking for a job? UAF helps highly educated refugees find what they are looking for.  

Hulp en contact Opvang asielzoekers


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