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The United Kingdom has announced to withdraw from the European Union. This exit (Brexit) has consequences for British citizens and their family members who wish to continue living in the Netherlands. Brexit will also have consequences for EU entrepreneurs doing business with the UK.

Latest news

For the latest news about the Brexit negotiations please see

Information for British citizens in the Utrecht region

The UK will remain an EU-member state until Brexit. This means that you will remain an EU-citizen to that date. What your residence rights will be after this date, depends on the outcome of current negotiations. Both a deal and no deal affect your right of residence. Please click for the latest information on Brexit for British citizens in The Netherlands.

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) will inform British citizens. Their formal letter(s) will be sent to the address at which you are currently registered with the municipality in the Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie Personen or BRP).

Please make sure that these details are correct!

Do you want to check your registration with Municipality of Utrecht? Please visit our Online Loket, login with your DigiD and check your ‘adres gegevens’ (address details).

Information on Brexit for businesses (Brexit desk)

The implications of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union for British companies that do business in the Utrecht region and for companies that employ British nationals remain unclear at present. Nor do we know what the negotiations will mean for Dutch firms with ties to Britain.

It is very likely that Brexit will mean changes to the current agreements on the free movement of goods and people. Nevertheless, until Brexit has been finalised, Britain remains a full member of the EU and is bound by the current treaties. Please visit the Brexit desk with relevant information for entrepreneurs.

More information

The Government of the Netherlands website on Brexit, with information for British citizens in The Netherlands and information for entrepreneurs.

The British embassy website has more information about the status of British nationals in Europe while the negotiations take place.

The IND has more information about applying for permanent residency and taking Dutch nationality.

Invest Utrecht Region is committed to providing companies free, confidential information about the trading opportunities within the region. Request more information: Invest Utrecht Region contact details.

Contact the International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region if you have specific other questions.