City of Utrecht Leidsche Rijn, a new part of the city

The landscape on the Western perimeter of Utrecht is changing, a new part of the city is being built. Construction companies, residents and the Municipality of Utrecht are working together to give shape to a new city district. They are working on Leidsche Rijn - the largest housing and industrial development site in the Netherlands, a so called "Vinex-wijk".

Living and working in Leidsche Rijn

By 2025 30.000 houses will be built in this new district of Utrecht. At that time, Leidsche Rijn will provide housing for 100.000 residents. Some neighbourhoods, such as Langerak, Parkwijk and Veldhuizen are already populated. At this moment, Leidsche Rijn is half along the way of its construction.

The development of Leidsche Rijn is not based on a pre-designed blueprint; this district is being developed one part at a time. This approach enables the urban planners and architects to accommodate new developments.

The large scale of the area offers special opportunities for architects, that is why Leidsche Rijn has a great diversity in architecture and the types of housing. Consequently each neighbourhood has its own individual identity and look & feel; its own unique ambience. What makes Leidsche Rijn even more special is its rich history dating back to the Roman empire. These remains are carefully incorporated in the design and development of this district.

Office accommodation

For businesses the central location of Leidsche Rijn is the most attractive place. Over the years 700.000 m2 will be available in four new business estates, approximately 40.000 people will eventually be able to work in this region. What makes this part so attractive is the high level of accessibility, by car or public transport, since it's located on a hub.

A lively centre

In a few years time, there will be a new city centre in the heart of Leidsche Rijn. Here you can find shops, bars, cultural events, housing and working facilities. The new Leidsche Rijn Centre is primarily for the residents of Leidsche Rijn. Yet it will have so much to offer that it is likely to attract visitors from all over Utrecht and beyond.


With the development of Leidsche Rijn, plans for the construction of infrastructure are also made. An example of such a plan is the relocation and partial covering of the A2 motorway. Three bridges will be constructed over the 'Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal' that will link Leidsche Rijn with the city centre of Utrecht. To enhance the accessibility of this district, two new railway stations will be constructed in Leidsche Rijn, and a new railway line called 'Randstadspoor' will connect Utrecht to different parts of The Netherlands. Besides that an addition will be made to the cycle tracks, and public transport.

The ultimate network will not be completed for some years to come. Yet accessibility is one of the main features the Municipality is focusing on, so consequently the local authorities are making a great effort to provide for these facilities.


Leidsche Rijn is being built according the principles of sustainable and durable construction. Large investments have been made in environmental protection and energy management, such as a special rainwater collection system called a 'wadi'.

The public lighting as well as the housing in Leidsche Rijn have a low energy demand, which not only has a positive effect on nature, but it will also result in savings for the Municipality and its residents. Large areas of Leidsche Rijn are connected to the city's district heating system, thereby achieving a reduction in the demand of expensive fuels and a decrease in the level of emissions.

Public parks

A great deal of attention is focused on nature and public parks and gardens in Leidsche Rijn. A large amount of vegetation is incorporated into the design of the neighbourhoods. The Máximapark, a park with an area consisting of no less than 300 hectares which is the same size the current city centre of Utrecht is, is planned for the centre of Leidsche Rijn. It will be one of the largest city parks in the Netherlands.

In total it will consist of several parks of different sizes and shapes. Key feature of the Máximapark is the so called ' Lint' (ribbon), a road that encircles the entire park and connects the surrounding areas with each other. 'Het Lint' is 8 kilometres long, 30 metres wide and it will take you to all the highlights of the park; ideal for those who love to walk, skate, ride bike and jog. There is even a timepoint fixed into the road which stores your lap times while running.

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