City of Utrecht Brexit impact in the Utrecht region


At the moment, it is unclear when Britain will leave the European Union and on what terms. The official negotiations on Britain’s withdrawal are likely to begin in 2017 and will take at least two years. Until Brexit becomes a reality, Britain remains a member of the EU and that means its citizens continue to enjoy the same rights as all EU members.

Invest Utrecht and all the other organisations and government agencies in the region, are committed to protecting the rights of British nationals living here and are ready to help out where ever possible.

We will make sure that we do our best to answer your questions about Brexit and its implications as developments unfold. Both British nationals and companies in Utrecht which employ British nationals can rest assured that Invest Utrecht is following events closely and that you can always turn to us for information and support.

Information for companies

The implications of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union for British companies which do business in the Utrecht region and for companies which employ British nationals remain unclear at present. Nor do we know what the negotiations will mean for Dutch firms with ties to Britain.

It is extremely likely that Brexit will mean changes to the current agreements on the free movement of goods and people. Nevertheless, until Brexit has been finalised – and that will take at least two years - Britain remains a full member of the EU and is bound by the current treaties. 

Free and confidential information

At Invest Utrecht we remain committed to providing companies free, confidential information about the trading opportunities within the region and that will not change, whatever happens.  

The Netherlands and Utrecht will always remain closely connected to Britain, thanks to the open nature of our economy to Europe and the rest of the world. 

Request more information: Invest Utrecht contact details.

Information for expats and British students in the Utrecht region

The implications of Britain’s pending withdrawal from the European Union for expats and foreign students in the Utrecht region remain unclear.

However, until the negotiations have been completed, Britain remains a full member of the EU and that means its citizens will continue to enjoy all the rights and privileges attached to that status.

More information

The British embassy website has more information about the status of British nationals in Europe while the negotiations take place.

You can also contact the Utrecht expat center for additional information and advice.

The IND has more information about applying for permanent residency and taking Dutch nationality.