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Jaarbeurs-bicycle parking
Jaarbeurs-bicycle parking

Velo-city 2017 - post programme

Saturday June 17th, 10.30 - 18.00


On this inspiring day we will take you on a journey along the highlights of the Utrecht Bicycle Programme. Among other things, we will show you the longest bicycle street of the Netherlands, the biggest bicycle parking in the world and the world's first innovative digital system to guide cyclists to free spots in the bicycle parkings. You are going to visit the 'Dafne Schippers bridge', which is unique in its design. The cycle path runs across the roof of an elementary school. 

This full-day programme is divided into 3 parts:
In the morning the focus will be on the cycle routes across town. During a bicycle tour we will show how we have put several parts of our bicycle programme into practice. There will be several stops and enough room for questions.

At noon there is an interactive lunch session, with presentations held by the Province of Utrecht, Municipality of Utrecht and the Cyclists' Union ('Fietsersbond').

You will continue the programme with a visit to the Jaarbeurs-bicycle parking and the largest bicycle parking in the world currently under construction, the 'Ooststalling'.
You will be ending this day with drinks and snacks at the Catharijnesingel, a part of the former defense canal which has recently been filled again.

Detailed programme

10.30 - 13.00: bicycle tour

In this bicycle tour we concentrate on the fast, secure and convenient cycle routes across town. We pass by the fast route from Nieuwegein to Maarssen and the longest (6 km) bicycle route of the Netherlands, where the tension between urban versus local interest became very apparent. We will continue to another beautiful bicycle street until we arrive at the Dafne Schippers bridge; a perfect example of cooperation between local governance and - in this case - a school. It is famous for its design and creates a fast bicycle route to the city centre. We will continue this tour with a visit to the 'yellow bridge', with its separate cycling lane and end at ‘FLO’, worlds’ first personal bicycle traffic light.

13.15 - 14.45: interactive lunch

We combine business with pleasure during this interactive session. While enjoying your lunch meal, presentations will be held. The Fietsersbond will discuss its history as interest group, Utrecht will present their bicycle policy and also the Province of Utrecht will be addressed during this meeting.

14.45 - 17.00: bicycle parking

This session is fully devoted to the bicycle parking. In groups you will visit the ‘Stationspleinstalling’, which is the largest bicycle parking in the world currently under construction (12,500 parking places). The first part of the bicycle parking will open in August 2017. This brings the total amount of parking places within the central station are to 33,000. While exploring the parking places, you will be introduced to an innovative digital guiding-system as well, which guides people to the nearest available bicycle parking space. Utrecht is the first city in the world to use such a system for cyclists. This part of the programme will be in cooperation with the NS and Prorail. View a sneak preview

Drinks and snacks at 17.00.


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