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Utrecht is a true bicycle city. A growing number of people commute to and across the city by bicycle. For all these cyclists, we want to make cycling even more enjoyable and appealing. We give priority to the bicycle as a healthy, clean and safe mode of transport. This way we make your street and our city more liveable, attractive and accessible to everyone.

Facts and figures 2021

  • The first official cycle path in our country was built in Utrecht in 1885 on the Maliebaan
  • The city of Utrecht has 420km of bicycle paths
  • Utrecht has the largest bicycle parking in the world (with space for up to 12.500 bicycles)
  • There are over 30.000 bicycle parking places available near Utrecht Central Station
  • Utrecht has 21 bicycle parking facilities (including 5 pop-ups) of which 18 are manned and monitored
  • 33.000 cyclists cycle along the city's busiest route every day
  • 56% of Utrecht residents visit the city centre by bicycle, making it the most popular way to visit the city centre
  • 87% of Utrecht residents is satisfied with the accessibility to the city centre by bike
  • 87% of Utrecht residents are satisfied with bicycle parking facilities in the city centre
  • 94% of Utrecht residents own one or more bicycles (electric bicycles included)

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Bike share

Shared bikes are located throughout the city. You can rent a bicycle through an app of the provider. This can be useful if you regularly travel to and from Utrecht for work. And this way more space is freed up in the public space.

Read more about shared bikes (page in Dutch)

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