City of Utrecht Cycling

Utrecht is a bustling, bicycle-friendly city. Every day over 125,000 cyclists ride to their work, school, university, public transport, shops or home through the city centre.

The municipality wants to make cycling even more attractive for these and other cyclists. Consequently, the bicycle is given precedence in the mobility policy of the municipality of Utrecht. We want to keep our growing city liveable, accessible and economically strong. And we are convinced that the bicycle can and should play a major role in this.

Video: Bicycle parking Stationsplein Utrecht

Facts and figures 2019

  • Bicycle parking places near Utrecht Central Station: 22.000 today
  • 12 manned and monitored bicycle parkings and 5 Pop Up Parkings
  • 60% goes to the city centre by bicycle
  • 33.000 cyclists along the busiest bicycle route in the city centre every day
  • 49% of all journeys shorter than 7.5km is by bicycle
  • Utrecht has built the largest bicycle parking in the world (12.500 bicycles)
  • 245km bicycle path; 90km bicycle strip; 18 km bicycle street in Utrecht


What makes Utrecht a bicycle friendly city? (pdf, 3.5 MB)
P-route fact sheet (pdf, 1.6 MB)
Utrecht a bicycle friendly city (pdf, 2,6 MB)


City hall

Stadsplateau 1, Utrecht


+31 (0)30 286 00 00


Postal Address

P.O. box 16200, 3500 CE Utrecht