City of Utrecht What we do for cyclists

Utrecht – A bicycle friendly city

A medieval city that was originally built at a human scale, Utrecht refuses to set aside enormous amounts of space for cars. Instead our goal is to create room for commerce, community, and social connection. However there is a big challenge: Utrecht is the fastest-growing Dutch city with fast expanding urban mobility. The city has to facilitate this within the same limited public space and a denser built environment.

How to maintain the human scale in this fast-growing bicycle-friendly city?

In order to maintain the human scale we have created a sustainable mobility plan that gives way to the most efficient modes of transport in terms of public space. This means that we prioritize pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. This transition resulted in a well-developed bicycle infrastructure and encourages us to take the next step in bicycle-friendly urban development.

Read more about the way we make bicycle facilities in Utrecht in ‘Utrecht – a bicycle friendly city’.


City hall

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Postal Address

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