City of Utrecht What we do for cyclists

Bicycle route Kanaalweg

Utrecht has improved the five busiest main bicycle routes: the road surface is smooth, and the number of obstacles (such as posts and bollards) has been reduced to an absolute minimum. The bicycle routes can be recognised by their red asphalt colour.

Attractive bicycle routes

There will be 10 major bicycle routes to help cyclists reach their destination quickly. These routes are quiet, with less car traffic and fewer traffic lights, constructed along waterways or green areas wherever possible.

One of the main bicycle routes, reconstructed in 2014: more space for cyclists, car-free and a smooth road surface.

Quick bicycle route to Utrecht University

Bicycle route subway Lunetten

By the end of 2014, a beautiful new bicycle route was commissioned, which allows cyclists to ride along a shorter road, without any railway crossings.

Safe bicycle streets

Bicycle street Zandweg

Bicycle streets are characterised by limited car use and more space for bicycles. In these streets, bicycles have right of way, and cars are guests.

Zandweg was turned into a bicycle street in 2014. It is the longest bicycle street in the Netherlands.

Bicycle street Prins Hendriklaan

In the ‘old’ city, too, streets are converted into bicycle streets, to provide more space for cyclists.

Quick bicycle routes

Bicycle fly-over Noorderpark

The municipality arranges for special bicycle bridges, bicycle subways and bicycle roundabouts for more safety and quicker routes.

This new bicycle fly-over across a major thoroughfare between the Overvecht district and Noorderpark allows cyclists easy and safe access to the green countryside.

Artist impression bicycle bridge Amsterdam-Rhine Canal

The bicycle bridge across the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal: it is a vital element in the main bicycle route between the new suburb Leidsche Rijn and the city centre of Utrecht.

Bicycle tunnel Spinoza

Another vital link is this new bicycle tunnel, which renders the bicycle route between the neighbouring municipality of Maarssen and Nieuwegein quick and comfortable.

Parking your bike

Bicycle parking Jaarbeursplein

The bicycle parking at Jaarbeursplein (for 4,200 bicycles) opened in 2014. This parking provides quick access to Utrecht Central Station. Every first 24 hours, bicycle parking is free of charge. A digital system at the entrance is used to indicate any unoccupied parking spaces.

Stationsplein Bicycle Parking

person on bicycle in the new bike-park Stationsplein

The first part of the Stationsplein Bicycle Parking in Utrecht is open. The parking currently has a capacity of 6,000 bicycles, which makes it the largest in the Netherlands. Another 1,500 bicycle parking places will be added in the next few months. By late 2018, when the bicycle parking will have its full capacity of 12,500 parking places, it will be the world’s largest.

Serviced bicycle parking at Zadelstraat

In March 2014, the first service bicycle parking in Utrecht was opened, with 200 parking places. Here customers can rent a carrier tricycle or bicycle, borrow a buggy, charge their electric bicycle or repair their bicycle.

Pop-up bicycle parking Vredenburg

The municipality will ensure that manned and monitored mobile bicycle parkings are installed at several locations in the city centre at busy moments and at special events, where bicycles can be parked free of charge.

Bicycle area Hollandse Toren

In the summer of 2014, the municipality realised marked bicycle areas for a large number of bicycles at a square that provides access to the city centre. These bicycle parking areas are intended for better bicycle parking regulation.

Neighbourhood bicycle parking

In the old Utrecht districts where homes are without a lean-to, the municipality realises neighbourhood bicycle parkings. There are currently 27 neighbourhood bicycle parkings for parking card holders.

Bicycle stands Westplein

The municipality has placed many bicycle stands at public-transport locations (bus stops and railway stations).

Prototype of a digital parking route sign

Since April 2015, Utrecht is the first city in the world with a ‘P route bicycle’ – an innovative system to guide cyclists to free places in the bicycle parking.


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