Address investigation

Are people registered at your address who no longer live there, or do you keep receiving mail for former residents? Has someone registered a postal address at your address and you can no longer reach them? You can ask the municipal authority to initiate an address investigation. We will find out where these individuals live now and ask them to register their new address. 

Request an address investigation

You can use the form to request or terminate an address investigation.


Online with DigiD

Request address investigation with DigiD

Online without DigiD

Request address investigation without DigiD


Without eHerkenning

Request address investigation without eHerkenning

You can also make an appointment to visit the front desk of the municipality of Utrecht. Please bring a valid ID to the appointment.

Do you have other information?

Do you know where the former residents moved to? Do you have other information, such as an email address or phone number? Please provide any additional information in your request or during your appointment. With this additional information, the investigation will move faster.


There are no costs involved in initiating an address investigation.


The person(s) concerned will no longer be registered at your address:

  • after they submit a change of address;
  • when, after a thorough investigation, the municipal authority has deregistered them from your address.

An address investigation takes around 3 months on average.