City of Utrecht Corona measures: response of mayor Jan van Zanen

My name is Jan van Zanen, mayor of Utrecht and chairman of the Utrecht Safety Region. I would like to address all inhabitants of the province of Utrecht.

A number of additional measures against the spread of the coronavirus have just been announced for the entire country. The measures are aimed at ensuring that people have less contact with each other and that people with complaints stay at home. For example, it is advised to:

  • Stay at home with complaints such as a cold, fever or cough.
  • Only call the family doctor if the symptoms worsen.
  • Call off events with more than 100 people.
  • Work at home as much as possible or spread working hours.
  • Limit visits to the elderly and people whose health is vulnerable.

These are the main points. Drastic measures. You undoubtedly have all kinds of practical questions. We are working hard on the answers. Tonight I will again speak with all 25 mayors of the Province of Utrecht. If everyone complies, the effectiveness of these measures will be greatest. I call upon you to adhere to these measures. And look out for each other.

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