Misconceptions about tenancy protection

You may think that the landlord is in charge, but you have rights as a tenant. The rent, notice periods and tenancy agreements are strictly regulated.

The biggest misconceptions

The 4 biggest misconceptions about tenancy protections:

  1. My landlord owns the property. Doesn’t this mean that he/she can enter the property?
    No. Unannounced visits by the landlord violate the tenant’s right to "quiet enjoyment" of the property. In some cases, this may even constitute trespassing, which is a criminal offence.
  2. Due to the high demand for accommodation, landlords can demand the highest price. That is how market forces works.
    Market forces do not apply to rents! High demand and low supply is not a reason to ask for higher rents. There is a statutory points system that determines the maximum amount of rent payable for your room/accommodation. To find out if you are paying too much rent, use the rent calculator
  3. As a "good tenant", I am expected to take care of some repairs and maintenance.
    This is usually the case for minor repairs. Major repairs and maintenance are to be taken care of by the landlord. See more information and examples of maintaining rented accommodation
  4. If I am evicted by the landlord, I have to leave my accommodation immediately.
    No. There are rules that landlords must follow if they want to terminate a tenancy agreement. Tenancy protection is also regulated by law.
    • If you want to know if your landlord is allowed to terminate your tenancy agreement, contact Huurteam Utrecht who can check this for you.
    • If your landlord is not allowed to terminate your tenancy agreement, but has done so nonetheless, you can appeal the termination.