Utrecht International Center

Are you new to the Netherlands and Utrecht Region? The Utrecht International Center is there to help you settle in. You can visit the centre to arrange your residence permit, municipal registration, and receive information about living, working, and studying in Utrecht Region. All services are free of charge.


It is important to arrange all the official procedures when relocating to Utrecht Region. In some cases, you will need a residence permit or visa to enter and stay in the Netherlands. If you are going to live and work in the Netherlands, you need to register with the municipality. The Utrecht International Center can help you complete these formalities.

More information and overview of the formalities

Practical information

You may have questions about living in the Netherlands. The Utrecht International Center is happy to provide you with information. They offer useful information in English about housing, education, healthcare, transportation, and more. You can also drop by for a free one-on-one chat with one of their information officers.

Visit utrechtinternationalcenter.com for more information

Contact Utrecht International Center


Stadskantoor Utrecht, Second Floor
Stadsplateau 1, 3521 AZ Utrecht




+ 31 (0)30 - 286 00 00
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