City of Utrecht How to make an appointment

If you want to make an appointment for any product of gemeente Utrecht, you need to do so digitally through the webpage of gemeente Utrecht. This webpage is in Dutch. The instruction below helps you make your appointment.

Instruction how to make an appointment

Note: the instruction below covers the mail questions asked in the appointment-tool of gemeente Utrecht. In some cases less questions are asked.

  1. Go to the ‘afspraak maken’ tool van gemeente Utrecht. (‘Afspraak maken’ is Dutch for ‘making an appointment’).
  2. On this page you find 2 drop down menus. Select 'Burgerzaken' in the first drop down menu and your product in the second drop down menu.
  3. In the second drop down menu you will find a list with all products of gemeente Utrecht You will find translations of the most important products here.
  4. Choose your product. For instance ‘Verhuizen vanuit het buitenland (immigration)’
  5. After you choose your product, you will be asked to indicate 'Aantal' (how many). So if you immigrate with your spouse and 2 children, you will indicate 4. It is important to do this correctly, because the program automatically calculates the time needed at the desk of gemeente Utrecht.
  6. At the bottom of the page, there are 2 red buttons.
    - Press ‘Volgende’ to go to the next page.
    - Press ‘Stoppen’ to end the session and stop making an appointment
  7. Press ‘Volgende’ (go to next page)
  8. You will be asked to choose your the location of your appointment. Choose “Stadskantoor”, that is the main building of gemeente Utrecht, you will be able to make an appointment for all product of gemeente Utrecht at this location.
  9. At the bottom of the page, there are 3 red buttons.
    - Press ‘Vorige to go back to the previous page
    - Press ‘Volgende’ to go to the next page
    - Press ‘Stoppen’ to end the session and stop making an appointment
  10. Press ‘Volgende’(go to next page)
  11. You will see a calendar on which you can choose date and time.
    If you selected both, press ‘Volgende’ (go to next page)
  12. You will  be asked to fill out your personal information. Please do so correctly, so we can help you best at your appointment.
    Voornamen: First name
    Tussenvoegsel(s): you can leave this blank
    Achternaam: Family name
    Geboortedatum: Date of birth dd/mm/yyyy
    Telefoonnummer: Telephone number (please fill out your number in 10 digits)
    E-mailadres: E-mail address, important, you will receive a confirmation of your appointment at your e-mail address.
  13. Press ‘Volgende’(go to next page)
  14. You made your appointment. An confirmation of your appointment will be send to your e-mail address.
Translation main products
If you want an appointment for:    Choose this product:
Immigration (coming to the Netherlands)Verhuizen vanuit het buitenland (immigration)
Appointment Erkend Referent for Expat
Expat Center Utrecht (alleen door Erkend Referent)
Registration Non Resident (RNI)RNI inschrijving (RNI registration)
Applying for an extract RNIRNI uittreksel (RNI extract)
Moving within UtrechtVerhuizen binnen Utrecht
Moving from another municipality to UtrechtVerhuizen naar Utrecht
Registration of birthGeboorteaangifte
Pick up Waste permit for householdsAfhalen afvalpas
Recognition unborn childErkenning kind(eren)
Marriage (information)Huwelijkszaken (information)
Resident Parking PermitParkeervergunning bewoner
Applying for driver’s licenseRijbewijs aanvragen
Report lost Passports of driver’s licenseVermissing reisdocument of rijbewijs doorgeven

On appointment

When you visit the Stadskantoor for your appointment, go to one of the appointment-computers in the central hal. Use your confirmation e-mail or use your date of birth to get an appointment-ticket.

On the ticket you will find a letter and a number. The letter indicates on which floor you have to be for your appointment (see red letters on different floors) and the number is your appointment number. Your number will be called and published on the tv screens on the different floors.

If you need assistance, you can ask our ‘welcome personnel’ (they wear a red scarf and walk around in the central area) or go to the customer service desk.

Need help?

If you find making an appointment difficult, please call our Customer Service (030 - 286 00 00). They can help you make an appointment. You will hear a menu in Dutch, please hold the line for an operator.