Living allowance for Ukrainian refugees

Do you live as a refugee in a shelter in Utrecht? And do you not have enough money to live on? We can help you with living allowance.

Applying for living allowance not possible

At the moment the shelter in the Jaarbeurs is temporarily closed. As long as the shelter is closed, you cannot apply for living allowance either. Are you already living in Utrecht and registered in the BRP, but has your situation changed? This may affect your living allowance. Please send an e-mail to and we will contact you.

Report changes

Are you receiving living allowance? Or have you applied for it? And did you find a job or move? Or will you be away for more than 14 days? Please let us know immediately.

Find out what changes you need to report

Report changes

Who gets living allowance?

You can receive living allowance if:

  • You fled Ukraine, and
  • You (and your partner) do not have a paid job and do not receive any Dutch benefits, and
  • You live in a municipal or private shelter in the Municipality of Utrecht, and
  • You fall under the Temporary Protection Directive (RTB), and
  • You do not have a paid job and do not receive a Dutch benefit, and
  • You are registered in the Municipality's Personal Records Database (BRP). Or: you have already made your appointment for registration.

Apply for living allowance

To apply for living allowance, please make an appointment (one per family). This will take place in the Municipal Office (Stadsplateau 1). For this, you need an email address.

Instructions on making this appointment

Application for a living allowance is temporarily not possible.

Arrange as soon as possible

  • Your proof of residency (sticker in passport or on paper, or a pass).
  • Your registration in the Municipality's BRP.
  • A Dutch bank account. For all adults (18+), except (marriage) partners. If you don't have one, please open an account. Can't you open one quickly? Then you will get a BNG debit card for up to 3 months.

What should I bring to the appointment?

You and the other members of your family or group should bring:

  • A valid identification document.
  • Your proof of residency.
  • Proof about your shelter or home (unless you live in a Municipal shelter):
  • A Dutch bank card or a document with your IBAN and name. For all adults, except (marriage) partners.
    • Do you not have a Dutch bank account yet? Then you will receive a BNG debit card (only in Dutch). We will pay your living allowance for a maximum of 3 months via this card.

About the appointment

You can make an appointment if:

  • You want to apply for living allowance
  • You already receive or have applied for living allowance, but you have a question. For example, about returning to Ukraine, temporary leaving the shelter, or financial issues.
  • You have a paid job or receive benefits, but you are unable to make ends meet. For example, because you earn less than the amount of living allowance you would receive.

The appointments will take place at the Municipal Office (Stadsplateau 1). To make an appointment, you need an email address.

What are the monthly amounts per person?

Adults and children receive a living allowance every month. The living allowance consists of:

  • Money for clothing and personal expenses
  • Money for food and drink: You only receive money for food and drink if you do not get meals in your municipal shelter. Small families receive a higher amount per person than larger families.
  • Extra allowance for refugees living with a host family. This is for example for the use of public transport, visiting family or participating in sports. You can also use the extra amount to contribute to the expenses of your host family.  This is not mandatory.

Below you can read the amounts for clothing, food and drink and the extra allowance. These amounts depend on your age and family size.

Living allowance: monthly amounts per person





Clothing and
other personal
Extra amount
in case of guest

1 or 2 family members



18+ or
18- and unaccompanied


€ 242,48€ 60,71€ 80,91
1 or 2 family members 18-€ 200,65€ 60,71€ 80,91
3 family members 18+€ 193,98€ 60,71€ 80,91
3 family members 18-€ 160,64€ 60,71€ 80,91
4 or more family members 


€ 169,74€ 60,71€ 80,91
4 or more family members 18-€ 140,34€ 60,71€ 80,91

Do you need long-term care? And are you staying in a clinic or hospital, for example? Then you will receive living allowance for clothing and personal expenses (€ 60,71 per month).

Working and the living allowance

If someone aged 18 or older starts working, the living allowance of their entire family will be discontinued. The same occurs if someone aged 18 or older starts receiving benefits from the Dutch government, for example unemployment or disability benefits. It still pays to work. If you work 3 days a week for minimum wage, you will already earn more than the living allowance.

Does anything change in your situation? Please report your change immediately.


Are you receiving living allowance or have you applied for it? And has any of the following happened — for you or for someone in your family? Please report your change immediately.

  • Getting a paid job or receiving benefits. For example, for unemployment or incapacity for work. The living allowance for the entire family will stop from the 1st day of the following month if an adult (18+) starts doing paid work or receives benefits. This does not apply to volunteer compensation. Read more about work and internship.
  • Moving to a new address within or outside the Municipality. Or out of your shelter. Read more about moving.
  • Being temporarily absent for more than 14 days. Read more about temporary absence.
  • Getting a new bank account. Please provide your new IBAN.

A room or floor in a guest household are examples of private shelters. It counts as a private shelter if:

  • It is offered by a private person.
  • The owner or permanent resident gives you a completed Declaration of Lodging (PDF, 65 kB).
  • You do not pay rent for it. However, you may contribute to the higher costs of your host household.

Are you or your family member renting a property? Or have you or your family member bought one? Then the property does not count as a private shelter. 

The living allowance amount depends on the size of your family. A family consists of:

  • Spouses or partners assimilated to married couples.
  • Their minor children (if they are unmarried and dependent on their parents).
  • A parent or guardian responsible for minor and unmarried children.

Grandparents, uncles, aunts and/or adult children (18+) do not count as part of the family. They count as individuals or as a separate family.

The living allowance is to pay for food, clothing and other expenses — like sports or other activities. Or to contribute to the costs of your guest household. For example for gas, electricity and water. The amount consists of several parts. How much you receive, depends on your kind of shelter, your age and the size of your family.

The Nibud (Dutch Institute for Budgetary Information, Dutch only) calculates for residents what amounts are sufficient to meet their most important needs. You do not have to pay for the shelter. For food, clothing and other personal expenses, the new living allowance will suffice.

Are you unable to make ends meet? Then email or make an appointment.

You will receive living allowance from the date you make the application appointment online. This is usually earlier than the date of that appointment itself. You will receive your living allowance for the month in which you make your application as soon as possible. After that, you will receive your living allowance around the 1st day of the month.

Has your employer not renewed your contract? And have you worked for 6 or more months in the Netherlands? Then you might be eligible for unemployment benefits ("WW-uitkering"). You can find more information about this on the UWV website (Dutch only).
Have you worked  for less than 6 months in the Netherlands? Then you can apply for living allowance again. Send an email to or make an appointment.

Yes, you can do volunteer work. A volunteer allowance will not affect your living allowance.

We have outsourced the management of Municipal shelters to other organisations. They arrange their own staff. Would you like to do (volunteer) work in or around your shelter? Please inform your location manager.

If you live with a host family, you will receive an extra amount in addition to your food and clothing allowance. From the 1st of October 2023, the additional amount will be €80,91. That amount is lower than before the 1st of October 2023, because the average monthly costs for gas, water and electricity have decreased. These costs are calculated by the Nibud (Dutch Institute for Budgetary Information, Dutch only).

If you have any more questions about living allowance, please send an email to