Living allowance for Ukrainian refugees

Do you live as a refugee in our Municipality? Do you not have enough money to live on? We can help you financially. You can apply for a living allowance with us. There is a national regulation for this.

Reporting a change

Do you receive a living allowance? Or have you applied for a living allowance? Has something changed in your situation? Please report changes to us immediately.

Report changes

What is the money for?

The living allowance is for paying for food, clothing and other expenses — like sports or other activities. Or to contribute to the costs of your host household. But this is not required. The amount consists of 3 parts. How much you get, depends on your kind of shelter and your age.

Type of shelter Meals Clothing and other personal expenses Extra amount

(per month)

with meals
€ 0 € 55 € 0 € 55
without meals
€ 205 € 55 € 0 € 260
Host household
(age: over 18)
€ 205 € 55 € 215 € 475
Host household
(age: under 18)
€ 205 € 55 € 55 € 315

Who can receive a living allowance?

You can receive a living allowance if:

  • You fled Ukraine, and
  • You have been housed in the municipality of Utrecht, and
  • You are registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP). Not yet registered? Make an appointment.

Is it not possible for you to register in the BRP? For example, because you do not have valid documents? And do you want to apply for a living allowance? Please contact

New rules for shelter and living allowance

The national rules for right to assistance have changed as of July 19, 2022. This includes shelter and other assistance such as the living allowance. Did you reside in Ukraine with a temporary residence permit as a non-Ukrainian? And have you not been registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) before July 19? If so, as of July 19 you are no longer covered by the European Temporary Protection Directive (RTB in Dutch). The reason for this is because you can return to your home country, where it is safe. This change applies to you if you:

  • came directly from Ukraine
  • have stayed in your own country
  • or came to the Netherlands via another EU country

Are you housed in Utrecht? And have you not been registered in the BRP before July 19? The IND will assess your situation in August. Until they complete this assessment, nothing will change for you. You will be informed about the next steps afterwards.

Are you housed in Utrecht? And did you register in the BRP before July 19? Nothing will change for you. You will receive the same assistence as you do now until March 4, 2023.

Apply for a living allowance

To apply for a living allowance, please make an appointment in the municipal office (Stadsplateau 1 in Utrecht).

  • Please make just 1 appointment for your family/your group.
  • You will need an email address to make the appointment.
  • You must bring proof of your identity and that of all your family members.
  • Do you have a Dutch bank account? Please bring your bank card or a document containing the details of your bank account.

Make an appointment

Instruction on how to make an appointment

Are you receiving a living allowance or have you applied for one? Has your situation changed?

If your situation changes, let us know by filling out a change request form. For example, in the following situations if you (or someone in your family or group):  

  • get a job. The living allowance of the person who got the job will stop. This takes effect on the first day of the following month.
  • move to a new address within the municipality. This may mean that you will receive a different amount.
  • go to another reception address outside the municipality. Your living allowance through the municipality of Utrecht will stop on the first day of the following month. You can apply for a living allowance from your new municipality.
  • leave the shelter. For example, because you have found accommodation elsewhere. This means that your living allowance will stop.
  • are temporarily absent for longer than the maximum period you are allowed to. The maximum period is 3 weeks in July and August and 1 week otherwise. Your living allowance will continue during the maximum period you are allowed to be absent, but will stop if you are away for longer.

Open a personal Dutch bank account

Open a Dutch bank account as soon as possible. That way we can transfer the living allowance to your Dutch bank account. Provide us with the bank account number with your application. Or do this as soon as possible after your request by filling out the change request form. For information on opening a Dutch bank account, visit the website of

Is it not possible for you to open a personal Dutch bank account?

Then you will receive a BNG prepaid debit card. This contains the living allowance of you and your family or group. You can use the card and the pin code to pay at any payment terminal in the Netherlands. And to withdraw cash.

Questions regarding the BNG debit card

Would you like to see how much is on your card, or what has been credited or debited? You can check this on the website:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your customer number (klantnummer). This number is on your debit card and starts with 90.
  3. Enter your security code (veiligheidscode). This is the last 4 digits of the long number on your debit card.

This is currently the only way to view your data. You cannot view bank statements or download data.

The amount of money on a BNG debit card can never exceed € 2.000. Is there too much money on the card? Or is the amount we will transfer too high? Or a combination of these two? Then we may not be able to transfer the full amount of money.

If this is the case, you can do the following:

  • Open a Dutch bank account as soon as possible. Send us the account number by email to Please enclose a clear photo of the debit card or a document with your name and the bank account number. You will then receive the living allowance on your personal debit card instead of the BNG debit card.
  • Withdraw (most of) your money from the BNG debit card before the end of the month. Note: you can withdraw a maximum of € 250 per day.
  • Do neither of these options work? Please send an email to

From when will you receive the living allowance?

You will receive a living allowance from the date on which you schedule the appointment online to apply for a living allowance. This can therefore be earlier than the date on which the appointment is. You will receive an automatic confirmation email after scheduling an appointment. Keep this confirmation email well.

Living allowance during temporary absence from reception address

Are you temporarily away from the shelter? For example to visit family or friends? Rules apply to your reception and your living allowance: You can stay away for a maximum of 3 weeks during July and August. Outside of July and August, you can stay away for a maximum of 1 week. Read what this means for your allowance and what you need to do.

When will the national regulations change?

We do not have any information on this yet. Please note that the arrangement can change quickly. As soon as we have new information, you will read it on

Have you been housed in another municipality?

Contact the municipality you are staying in.

Further questions on the living allowance?

Please feel free to ask your question. We are happy to help you. Send an email to