City of Utrecht Refugees from Ukraine

Utrecht has set up a centre for the initial reception of Ukrainian refugees in the Jaarbeurs, where refugees can also access information and support.

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One of the Jaarbeurs halls has been prepared as an emergency shelter with 450 beds. This will allow us to offer short-term accommodation to large groups of Ukrainian refugees, so no one needs to sleep on the streets.

Dutch Council for Refugees Utrecht Jaarbeurs
Jaarbeursplein, 3521 AL Utrecht
Open on workdays from 09.00 am – 5:00 pm

After 1 or 2 nights, people will move to another location in Utrecht or elsewhere in the region, where they can stay for a few weeks. This could be a host family, a hotel or a reception centre. We currently have longer-term reception centres at Zeehaenkade, Willem Dreeslaan, Kanaalstraat and Indusdreef.


At the bottom of this page you will find various helplines for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands. The information is often also available outside office hours and in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

What happens after the emergency shelter?

It is not yet clear how long it will take before you can go to a location where you can stay longer. You will receive a message from us as soon as there is a place for you for a longer period of time.

Did you register your current home address in the municipality of Utrecht or do you receive a living allowance? Then we know you are staying in Utrecht. You will be approached if there is room for you in a new location. You don't have to do anything for this yourself.

If you are staying with a host family, but do not receive living allowance or are not registered in Utrecht, you are not known to us. We don't know that you are living in Utrecht. You will not receive a message from us if there is room for you in a new location. If you do wish to hear from us, make sure to register your current home address in the municipality of Utrecht. You can find more information on registration here.

Staying in the Netherlands

Ukrainians can stay in an EU country for up to 6 months in any case. That term can be extended. Ukrainians do not currently need to apply for asylum.

For more information, visit the IND website

Living allowance

If you are staying in our municipality and do not have enough money to live on, we can help you financially. The money you receive is called a living allowance. From April 12th we work according to the national scheme.

Apply for a bank card with living allowance

The living allowance scheme runs until July 1. We do not yet have any information about the arrangement that will apply after 1 July. You can read about it on the website when the central government scheme is known. We will then review your situation.

Register in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) and moving

Ukrainian refugees can register a living address in the Municipality Personal Records Database (BRP) of Utrecht. Visit the municipal office to register. You need to make an appointment to register.

Refugees can register if they can show:

  • their identity with a passport or other ID; or
  • that they have Ukrainian nationality; or
  • that they have a residence permit for Ukraine (lawful residence).

You can also register as living at a temporary reception centre, such as a hotel. If you are staying with a host family, someone from the host family must give their permission for you to register at their address. They should complete the Dutch form Declaration of Permission (pdf, 65 kB) Please bring the completed Declaration of Permission to the appointment.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment to register an address in the Municipality of Utrecht, call +31 30 286 00 00. You can select English in the voice menu. Appointments for registration are on workdays in the municipal office at Stadsplateau 1.

After registration you will receive your citizen service number (BSN) within a few days by post at the registered address.

If you do not have a passport, we cannot accept your registration. If you are a Ukrainian national but have no documents to prove it, the Ukrainian embassy in The Hague can issue a special document. You can use that document to register in the Municipality of Utrecht.
For more information, visit the website of the Ukrainian embassy in The Hague


Are you moving to another (temporary) address? Then you can pass this on in several ways:

  • Register the move for adjusting living allowance:if a refugee moves to another municipality or other country, he/she must inform them via

Are you moving to a new municpality? Then you must register in the new municipality at the new address, deregistration from the municipality of Utrecht will then happen automatically. Are you moving abroad? Then you must report this via Emigration and deregistration.


Ukrainians are allowed to work in the Netherlands. From April 1st, you are no longer required to obtain a special work permit (work permit for persons from outside the European Economic Area).
Read more about jobs for refugees at

Internship or volunteer work

Ukrainians are allowed to volunteer without a work permit. The employer must request a voluntary work statement from the UWV at Werkvergunning uitzonderingen.

Midden-Utrecht Werkt Door

Refugees from Ukraine can contact Midden-Utrecht Werkt Door for advice and information. The staff can provide information about working in the Netherlands and help register on job search websites.

Help for refugees from Ukraine - Midden Utrecht ( (Information in English)

In case of emergency

In case of fire, accident or a crime: 112
Police control room: +31 900 88 44

In the event of an undesirable or unsafe situation with your host parent/host family, please contact your own contact person with takecarebnb or come to the emergency shelter in the Jaarbeurs.

Be safe on the run

Refugees are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking and exploitation. Look for points of attention on Flyer voor Oekraïense vluchtelingen (flyer in Dutch, English, Ukrainian and Russian).


All children in Utrecht must go to school if they fall under compulsory education. You can register your child as follows:

  • Parents of school-age children up to 12 years old can register at the Utrecht Language School (Taalschool Utrecht). Contact or Utrecht Language School.
  • Children under the age of 4 can be registered for childcare via Together with childcare organization Ludens, the Taalschool is looking into whether and where they can place children. Unfortunately, not all children can get a place at the nursery. The options are reviewed for each registration.
  • There is also childcare in some churches for the refugees staying with host families. More information:
  • Children aged 12–18 can make an appointment for an initial intake through the Ithaka ISK website.
  • If you have any questions about studying in Utrecht, please contact And University Utrecht offers more information on opportunities for students and researchers.

Health and medical care

Refugees from Ukraine have access to basic healthcare. You do not have to pay a personal contribution. You will have to pay a personal contribution and deductible for medication.
Healthcare providers can claim the costs of basic healthcare provided to Ukrainian refugees from the CAK (Central Administration Office for Exceptional Medical Expenses).


General practitioner during the day:
Are you placed in a hotel or a host family and do you need medical care? Then contact a doctor in your area. You can do this via (only in Dutch), or ask in your hotel or host family.

General practitioner post (Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. and on weekends):
Diakonesse emergency post
Burgemeester Fockema Andreaelaan 60

Hospital or a specialist

Before visiting a hospital or a specialist, you first go to a general practitioner for a referral.

COVID-19 in the Netherlands

If you are from Ukraine, you can get your COVID-19 vaccinations at a GGD vaccination centre in the Netherlands. These vaccinations are free and can be obtained with or without an appointment. To make an appointment for vaccination, call +31 85 112 4970 (also available in English). You can get your COVID-19 vaccinations without an appointment at many GGD clinics.

More information about COVID-19 vaccination

Or read the information about COVID-19 in Ukrainian or Russian on the Dutch government’s website.

Youth Health Care

Ukrainian refugees can visit Youth Health Care (jeugdgezondheidszorg) for child health services and free vaccinations for babies and children. Youth health care and vaccinations are free of charge.

For the national vaccination program with free vaccinations for young children, visit

Youth Health Care can also answer questions about children’s health and parenting children up to 18. Call Youth Health Care at +31 30 286 33 00 or visit

Midwife, questions about pregnancy

Praktijk West
Marco Polostraat111
+31 30 288 66 66
In case of emergency: +31 654 72 39 79


Go to any pharmacy in the area. You can locate one via (only in Dutch)

If a pharmacy nearby is not open:
Service pharmacy (Dienstapotheek)
Diakonesse emergency post
Burgemeester Fockema Andreaelaan 60

Emergency Dentist

  • Dentist practice Muradin
    Vleutenseweg 121, Utrecht
    +31 30 296 49 49
  • Jouw Mondzorg (Your Dentalcare)
    Meerkoethof 48, Utrecht
    +31 30 251 60 66

Deaf and hard-of-hearing Ukrainian refugees

The interpreters of the Sudo Foundation can support in communication with deaf and hard-of-hearing Ukrainian refugees. You can contact them by sending an email to

Transport and return journeys

Public transport (OV)

Travelling by public transport to the shelter location is free for Ukrainian refugees. Once placed at a shelter location, you can no longer use public transport for free. You can use the living allowance to pay for transport for daily things (e.g. to go to school, shops). For public transport you will need to buy an OV-chip-card for €8. You deposit money on this card to pay when you use public transport.

Returning to Ukraine

Ukrainians who want to travel back to Ukraine can receive guidance from the Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V). On behalf of this service, Pim Kivits supervises the return of Ukrainians to Poland. Ukrainians receive money for the journey from Poland to the destination in Ukraine.

Hosts or Ukrainians can contact the Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V) by email:

For people who stayed in Ukraine but do not have Ukrainian nationality and want to return to their country of origin or another country where their residence is guaranteed: see Voluntary Return Assistance for Non-Ukrainians who Fled Ukraine - IOM Nederland (

Neighbourhood team (social team) helps

Are you staying with a host family, with relatives or acquaintances? And do you or your child(ren) need help? You, or someone from your host family, can contact the neighbourhood team (also called the social team) in your neighbourhood. They have a wide network and may refer you to the right organization.

Contact social team

Feel free to call to make an appointment or to ask your question and get help by phone. There are also people who speak English.


In hotels you can have your clothes washed twice a week.

In a host family this is in consultation with the host.


Animals entering the Netherlands must be examined and registered by a veterinarian. You can make an appointment (free of charge) for this with:

Rijnlaan Veterinary Practice
Rijnlaan 25, Utrecht
+31 30 2883495

Help for animals from Ukraine

For vaccinations, pet supplies or temporary shelter for your pet: (information in English, Ukrainian en Russian)

Animal ambulance (only in case of emergency):
+31 6 54 77 27 00

Ukrainians over for dinner

To offer you a moment to meet Dutch people in a homely atmosphere, Foundation Eet Mee is organising Ukrainians For Dinner. As a refugee from Ukraine, you will be warmly welcomed by locals who are happy to share a meal and a conversation with you in their homely environment. You can also cook together.

More about Ukrainians For Dinner and how to sign up


    In the Netherlands, everyone, of any age and experience level, can participate in organized sports. SportUtrecht also offers organized sports to refugees. Contact SportUtrecht for possibilities in your area via website (only in Dutch).

      • The RefugeeHelp website provides information for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands. The information is also available in English, Ukrainian and Russian. You can call the helpline at +31 20 300 7000 every day between 09:00 and 19:00.
      • The Red Cross has a WhatsApp helpline in multiple languages. You can send a message or voice message via WhatsApp to +31 6 48 15 80 53 in Ukrainian, Russian or English. A volunteer will contact you shortly.
      • The information on the Red Cross website is available in Ukrainian and Russian.

      More information for refugees

      • You can meet other Ukrainians through the Ukrainian church: Sint-Aloysiuskerk, Adriaan van Ostadelaan 2-4, Utrecht.
      • You can find other useful links for refugees on the website of the International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region (website in English).
      • Information regarding help for Ukrainian refugees on

      Hulp en contact Opvang asielzoekers


      14 030