Refugees from Ukraine

Are you coming to Utrecht as a Ukrainian refugee? And do you not have a place to stay, not even temporarily with family or friends? Then come to the Jaarbeurs. Are you already staying in Utrecht? Read more below.

Читайте цю сторінку українською

On this page: (* = only in Dutch)


One of the Jaarbeurs halls is an emergency shelter with field beds. As a refugee you can find short-term shelter here. No one needs to sleep on the streets.

  • Location: Jaarbeursplein, near Utrecht Central Station (follow the signs)
  • Open for new registrations: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What happens after the emergency shelter?

After registration, we will look for another, simple longer-stay shelter — probably somewhere else in the Netherlands. This may take a while.

Is the period in your guest household coming to an end? Then email to 2 weeks in advance. Then we'll see if there might be another shelter. This might be outside the Utrecht region. You will get such an offer once. Don't you want to go there? Then you will have to find and pay for accommodation yourself.

Temporarily absent?

In July and August you can stay away from a shelter for up to 3 weeks — for example, to visit family. In the other months this is a maximum of 2 weeks. Have you not reported your absence? Or are you staying away longer without permission? Then your rights to shelter and living allowance will expire. Your place could be given to someone else.

Will you be away shorter than the maximum period? Report this to your location manager or guest household at least 1 week in advance — as well as the reason, the duration and how you can be reached.

Do you want to stay away longer than the maximum period? In very exceptional cases, your location or guest household may reserve the shelter place for a longer period of time:

  • Ask approval from your location manager or guest household at least 1 week in advance.
  • Is this allowed? Submit it for your living allowance at least 1 week in advance. The allowance will continue during the maximum period, but will stop during your absence afterwards.

Information Points and Helplines

RefugeeHelp and the Municipality of Utrecht have information points for Ukrainians in the City Office. Address: Stadsplateau 1, next to Utrecht Central Station.

Do you have questions about school, work, money, care, safety or activities? Then email to within 3 to 4 working days). Or walk in without an appointment at RefugeeHelp on the 3rd floor. Opened:

  • Mondays: 1.00-5.00 pm
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 9.30 am-1.00 pm
  • Thursdays: 2.00-5.00 pm

Do you have questions about shelter or registration with the Municipality? Then email to For municipal questions (such as living allowance) you can visit the Service Desk on the ground floor. Opened: Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 am-5:00 pm.


Can't you come by or do you have other questions? Then there's also:

  • For all kinds of practical matters, look at RefugeeHelp — or call, whatsapp or chat with their support hotline.
  • Whatsapp with the Red Cross Helpline.
  • Is there something going on at home or in your life you need help with? The Utrecht Neighbourhood Team (Buurtteam Utrecht) is there for you.
  • Info about arrival/registration/residence, health(care), work/income, education and childcare from the Dutch Government* as well as FAQ's about the situation in Ukraine.

Registering and Moving

You must be registered with a Dutch municipality to be eligible for facilities — such as shelter, living expenses, medical care and education. You can register as a refugee in the Personal Records Database (BRP) of the Municipality of Utrecht if you can show:

  • That you have the Ukrainian nationality, with a passport or other ID, or
  • That you as a non-Ukrainian had a permanent residence permit for Ukraine.

Make an appointment

Call +31 30-286 0000 for an appointment to register. Appointments are on working days in the City Office (Stadsplateau 1). Do you live with a guest household? Then you must bring a completed Declaration of Lodging* (PDF, 65 kB) with you. After registration you will receive your Citizen Service Number (BSN) by post at the specified address within a few days.

No Passport — or a Temporary Residence Permit?

Are you a Ukrainian national but do you have no documents to prove it? The Ukrainian embassy in The Hague can issue a special document. You can use this to register.

Are you a non-Ukrainian? And did you have a temporary residence permit for Ukraine? Then it counts whether you were registered in the BRP of Utrecht on July 19 2022:

  • If so: then you are entitled to shelter, living allowance and other help (S+LA+H) in the Netherlands until 4 March 2023.
  • If not: then you are no longer entitled to S+LA+H. The IND will assess your situation. Until their decision, you will retain your S+LA+H.


Are you moving to another (temporary) address? Then you must pass this on as follows:

  • Moving within the Municipality? Then you must also submit your moving for the BRP.
  • Moving to another municpality? Then you must register there. Deregistration from the Municipality of Utrecht will then happen automatically.
  • Moving abroad? Then you must report your emigration.

Living allowance, Benefits and Banking

Do you have shelter in our Municipality? And not enough money to live on? Then see how you can apply for living allowance, as well as the rules for this. The national rules regarding shelter en living allowances may soon change. So keep a close eye on this page.

Do you receive living allowance? This stops when you start doing paid work. And possibly if you move or are temporarily absent. That is why you must immediately report any changes that may affect your living allowance.

Benefits (payments by the State)

You are entitled to supplementary child benefit, childcare benefit, rent benefit and in some cases healthcare benefit. Find out whether you are eligible for this and submit an application at the Tax Administration. You can get help with this from the 'Buurtteam'.

Banking and Paying

You can open a Dutch bank account. Read more about the options for payment and banking. Doesn't that work? Apply for a BNG debit card* — or email your questions about that to

Work and Internship

As a Ukrainian you are allowed to work in the Netherlands. A (special) work permit is no longer required for this. Read more about work and income.

Are you going to do paid work? Then you must submit your changes for your living allowance. This will stop on the first day of the following month. Relatives and children living with you will then continue to receive living allowance.

Find a job through RefugeeWork. For advice and information about working, contact Midden-Utrecht Werk Door. As well as for help signing up on job boards and on HalloWerk* — which directly connects employees and employers.

Internship and Volunteer work

As a Ukrainian you are allowed to volunteer without a work permit. The employer must apply for a voluntary work statement* from the UWV.

Education, Studies and Childcare

For children and teenagers (schooling in the Netherlands is required by law from 5 to 16 years):

For students/adults:

Emergencies and Safety

Fire, accident or a crime? Call 112. Police control room: +31 900-88 44.

Have you had an undesirable or unsafe situation in your guest household? Please contact your Diaconie or RefugeeHelp contact. Or come to the emergency shelter in the Jaarbeurs.

Refugees are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking and exploitation. What you should pay attention to, is in the 'Be Safe on the Run' Flyer.

Health and Medical care

As a refugee from Ukraine, you have access to basic healthcare. You do not have to pay a fee. But you sometimes have to pay (partly) for medications.

Emergency care/Hospital

Life-threatening complaint? Call 112. Or go to the Diakonessenhuis hospital (24/7): Burg. Fockema Andreaelaan 60, Utrecht. For any other visit to a hospital or a specialist, first go to a GP for a referral.

Doctor (General Practitioner)

Find a GP in your area via Zorgkaart Nederland* and call them.

Mental Health

Do you feel gloomy, afraid or tense? Do you sleep badly? Or do you keep reliving memories of a terrible event? See World Psychologists or visit a GP.

Emergency Dentist

For emergency dental care, you can phone a dental practice near you. Find one via Zorgkaart Nederland*. Does this practice have no place? Then it must refer you to another. Read more about fees​​​​​​ for dental care.


You can go to a pharmacy nearby. Find one via Zorgkaart Nederland*. Pharmacy closed? Go to the Dienstapotheek Utrecht*, address: Burg. Fockema Andreaelaan 60.

Corona vaccination

As a Ukrainian, you can get your Covid jab(s) for free at a GGD injection location:

Youth healthcare

You can make use of Youth Healthcare Utrecht (phone: +31 30-286 3300) services for free:


Pregnant? Register with the Midwifery Practice Utrecht West*. Address: Marco Pololaan 111 or Jan Pieterszoon Coenhof 200. Phone: +31 30-288 6666, emergencies: +31 6-5472 3979.

    Deaf or hard of hearing?

    The Utrecht Sudo Foundation* can support you with interpreters and more. Mail them via Do you want to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing Ukranians? Read the flyer with tips (PDF, 125 kB).

    Healthcare provider? Medical care to Ukrainian refugees is fully reimbursed*.

    Transport and Return journeys

    Public transport

    As a refugee, the trip to a shelter by public transport ('OV') is free. But once you stay there, you have to pay for it. An OV chip card is required for trains, buses, trams and subways. This costs € 8. You must put money on it to be able to use public transport.

    Cycling (lessons)

    The Municipality does not arrange a bike for you. The living allowance is intended for this as well. An exception is made for medical and school transport (see below).

    School-age children receive free cycling lessons through their school. Aa an adult you can sign up for this at the Fietsmeesters (€ 15 for 10 lessons).

    Bicycles for school pupils

    Primary-school ('Taalchool') pupils get a bike via the shelters. Per family, 1 supervisor of Taalschool pupils can get an adult bike. Child seats are also available. Guest households can often arrange an extra children's bike. Still need a bike? Email Secondary-school pupils are approached by Ithaka for a bike. Questions? Contact Ithaka.

    Return journey

    Do you want to travel back to Ukraine? Then check with the Repatriation and Departure Service. You can email them via or fill in their form for help with return.

    Have you stayed in Ukraine but do you not have the Ukrainian nationality — and do you want to return to your country of origin or a safe country? Look for help at IOM Netherlands.

    Proof of residency (IND sticker)

    As a Ukrainian refugee, you need a proof of residency, so that:

    • You can show that you are allowed to live and work in the Netherlands until 4 March 2024.
    • You are allowed to travel abroad (including Ukraine).

    Make an appointment

    Find the location where you can get this proof (sticker or pass) — only by appointment. Make one and read about it with the INDRead more about this. Questions about this? Call the IND on weekdays (9 am to 5 pm): +31 88-043 0361.


    Did you bring a pet from Ukraine? Then you must take it to a vet quickly — for examination, registration and, if necessary, vaccinations. After that, it must be quarantined at home.

    You can make a free appointment for this at Rijnlaan Veterinary Practice*. Address: Rijnlaan 25, Utrecht, phone: +31 30-2883 495. Read more about all this at NVWA.

    Also, you can get Help for your Pet. In case of emergency, call the animal ambulance: +31 6-5477 2700.

    Social, cultural and sports activities

    As a Ukrainian you can participate in all kinds of activities in Utrecht:

    • In Vital'nya Anne (Anne's living room) you can meet other Ukrainians. There are also all kinds of (cultural) activities for children, young people and adults. Every day from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Address: Kanaalweg 86. See also Instagram
    • Would you like to meet Dutch people in a homely atmosphere and have a nice meal together and possibly cook? Read more and join Ukrainians for Dinner.
    • Many activities — in fields such as: language, sports/games, creative, culture, children/young people and beauty — can be found at Welkom in Utrecht.
    • Do you or your child want to sport? Check the possibilities at SportUtrecht*.
    • You can meet other Ukrainians via the Ukrainian church in the Sint-Aloysius Church* (address: Adriaan van Ostadelaan 2-4) and in Meetingpoints in churches.


    * = only in Dutch

    EU survey among Ukrainian refugees

    The European Agency for Asylum (EUAA) would like to know about your journey, requirements, vulnerabilities, registration, (future) wishes and (family) situation.

    Tell your story in the EUAA survey (укр/Рус) and share the link

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