Utrecht has different train stations with connections to all of the big cities in the Netherlands. The central train station is at the heart of the city. Travelling within the city is easy with our buses and trams. Travelling by bicycle is even easier. Each day approximately 90,0000 cyclists travel to and from their work or school by bicycle.


Utrecht is on its way to becoming a world-class bicycle city. Cycling is healthy, cheap and good for the environment. Every day approximately 90,000 cyclists travel to their work or school.
The easiest way of getting around in Utrecht is by bike. You can rent a bike at the Tourist information office, the VVV. But there are more spots where you can rent a bike, a so called OV-fiets (membership needed).

The city has several important main cycling routes which many cyclists use every day. Some of these main cycling routes will be improved in the coming years. This will make the routes safer, faster and more convenient.

Arrived at your destination? Place your bike in a rack or in one of the bicycle parking places. Bikes that are parked incorrectly or dangerously can be taken away by the municipality. To avoid this inconvenience you can park your bike in a secured bicycle parking. Some of them are free for 24-hours! Look at an overview of bicycle parking places.

Public transport

Chip card

The public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart) is used for travel on trams, buses, metros and trains. The most convenient options for visitors are one-hour cards, (multi) day cards, or an anonymous card which you can add more credit to at any time. Information about OV Chipcard.

Planning your trip

Before seeing the city, you may wish to consult the 9292 route planner or U-OV  to help you find the quickest and most convenient way to get from A to B.

Utrecht is building a Station Area for the future; a spot where everybody meets: while travelling, living, shopping, working or relaxing in the dynamic heart of The Netherlands. This means that you can experience sometimes some inconvenience because of the changes. Read about the construction on the website of CU2030 (Dutch).


The train is an easy method of travelling to other Dutch towns and cities or to other countries like Belgium, France or Germany. The central station of Utrecht is the biggest train station in The Netherlands and provides good connections to Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport (30 minutes), Rotterdam and The Hague (45 minutes). The terminus of the central station is also connected to the bus, tram and taxi services of Utrecht.

For planning your trip by train use the online planner at the Dutch Railway services. Also for the international train schedules there is an online planner.


Are you travelling to Utrecht by car? Park at P+R Utrecht and get your day off to a good start. The municipality of Utrecht has four P+R facilities located conveniently on the outskirts  of the city near the A2, A12 and A28 motorways, where you can park your car easily and economically. From here, it is only minutes by bus, tram or public rental bike to the city centre.
A combination ticket costs only €5.  This includes a full day of parking and public transport to and from the city centre for up to five persons. At present, there are four P+R facilities on the outskirts of Utrecht.

Environmental zone

We have an environmental zone (low emissions zone) for diesel passenger cars and vans. Diesel cars manufactured before 2001 are no longer allowed inside the environmental zone. Since 1 May 2015, their owners run the risk of being fined when entering the centre of Utrecht with an old diesel car. The introduction of the environmental zone contributes to good air quality for residents and visitors of the city. Healthy air is particularly vital to the health of elderly people and children. The environmental zone encompasses the inner city of Utrecht, the area surrounding Central Station, Jaarbeurs and several adjoining roads. The area has been outlined on this map (Dutch).


When you live in Utrecht and want to park your car at your house it means most of the time you need a parking permit (Dutch).

Electric cars

Because of the importance of a good environment in the city Utrecht has a growing network of public charging stations. Check out where the nearest charging station (Dutch) in your neighbourhood is.