City of Utrecht Bicycle gone?

Have you lost your bicycle? We may have removed the bike because it was parked dangerously or because it was left in one spot for too long.

Find your bicycle at

  • Go to and search for your bike in our system. After entering your search criteria, you will see an overview with photos and a description of removed bicycles.
  • Found your bike? Take the registration number and your ID to the Municipal Bicycle Depot.
  • You will be given back your bicycle after paying the fee for collecting and storing it.

Is your bike not listed? Your bicycle is probably stolen. You can report the theft to the police.

Disagree with the removal of your bicycle?

You can object via


City hall

Stadsplateau 1, Utrecht


+31 (0)30 286 00 00


Postal Address

P.O. box 16200, 3500 CE Utrecht