City of Utrecht Bicycle gone?

Whenever you park your bicycle in Utrecht, you have to comply with the rules. Your bicycle should not be parked at the same spot for too long, and you have to ensure it does not cause any dangerous situations. Bicycles and mopeds parked incorrectly will be removed. Abandoned bicycles and bicycle wrecks will also be removed after a certain amount of time. In this way, new space becomes available. Once removed, bicycles will be stored temporarily at the Municipal Bicycle Depot (Gemeentelijk Fietsendepot).

Find your bicycle at

If you think your bicycle or moped has been removed by the municipality, visit and look for your bicycle or moped in the system. An overview is provided with photographs and a description of bicycles that have been removed and that meet your search criteria.

If you have found your bicycle on the website, go to the Municipal Bicycle Depot and be sure to bring the registration number and your proof of identity. Your bicycle will be returned to you, after payment of the costs of removing and storing your bicycle. Mopeds that have been removed are taken to a Logicx depot in Nieuwegein.

If your bicycle is not among those stored at the Bicycle Depot, it has been stolen. In that case, report your bicycle stolen to the police.

Municipal Bicycle Depot

If removed, your bicycle will be taken to the Municipal Bicycle Depot. We will keep your bicycle for several weeks. You will only get your bicycle back, if you can show a valid proof of identity, if you have brought a key that fits into the lock, and if you have paid (in cash or using a PIN card) the costs of removing and storing your bicycle.

Address: Labradordreef 13, 3565 AN Utrecht

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m.; Saturday, from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Any objections to the removal of your bicycle?

You can file an objection to the removal of your bicycle or moped. Go to to find out if your bicycle has been removed by the municipality. Collect your bicycle at the depot. At the depot, you will receive a letter with information about the decision to remove your bicycle. In this letter, you can also read how to lodge an objection. You can also do this online via

Prevent bicycle theft

Prevent bicycle theft, by locking your bicycle in a bicycle parking or lock-up. View the overview manned and monitored bicycle parkings in Utrecht.

Visit the police website for tips for preventing theft and for information on reporting a bicycle stolen.


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