Bicycle parking Stationsplein

inside the bike-park Stationsplein

The last part of the bicycle parking Stationsplein Utrecht opened at 19 august 2019. The parking currently has 12,500 parking places. This is the world’s largest bicycle parking. Watch the video on YouTube.

The municipality of Utrecht, ProRail and NS (Dutch Rail) realise and manage the Stationsplein Bicycle Parking collectively. The three parties will jointly ensure the railway station is easily accessible, and one way of doing this is by providing attractive, safe and efficiently used bicycle parkings all across Utrecht. This huge bicycle parking plays a major part in this strategy.

Some 22,000 high-quality bicycle parking places are realised at the largest public-transport hub in the Netherlands. In the new Utrecht Central Station area, near the public-transport terminal, these parking places will be divided over five large bicycle parkings located on the Jaarbeurs side and the side of the city centre, where cyclists park their bicycles at top locations close to the station entrances. Parking any closer to the station is impossible.

Around the train station, private investors will also realize bicycle parking places to accommodate employees and visitors. It is the ultimate wish to have as many bicycle racks as there are bicycles, so that all cyclists can park their bicycle in a rack.

Facts and figures

  • 12,500 parking places
  • 1.000 public-transport bicycles, called OV-bicycle
  • safe, dry, and close to Utrecht Central Station
  • open 24/7
  • free parking during the first 24 hours
  • cyclists check in and out with their public-transport chip card
  • unique: the only manned and monitored bicycle parking where indoor cycling is permitted
  • one-way traffic for cyclists
  • 2 entrances
  • parking at 3 levels: the bottommost and uppermost levels are for bicycles that are parked for the day; the level in between is for bicycles of parking card holders. From the parking, people have easy access to the railway station platforms and to the station hall and buses
  • a digital system guides cyclists to free parking places in the bicycle parkings. This system helps authorities enforce the parking policy and regulations
  • a special area for bicycles of a slightly different model, such as crate bikes and bicycles with wide handle bars. Bicycles that are widely different from normal bicycles, such as carrier bicycles, can be parked in another parking, the Sijpesteijn Bicycle Parking (first 24 hours free of charge)
  • a Bicycle & Service Point for repairs, maintenance, parts and accessories
  • wardens monitor correct parking and ensure that bicycles are removed after 28 days

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