Disabled parking permit

Do you have a European disability parking card? Then you can apply for a free parking permit, even if you don’t live in Utrecht. This means that you can park for free on the street in the municipality of Utrecht.

Which disabled parking card do you have?

Driver card (B)

If you have a driver card (B), you will receive a parking permit with a fixed registration number on it. You can change this registration number if you have a new car or if you temporarily use a different car.

Passenger card (P) or combination card (B/P)

If you have a passenger card (P) or a combination card (B/P), you can choose between a parking permit with a fixed registration number on it or a parking permit with varying registration numbers on it.

The parking permit with a fixed registration number is useful if you always drive the same car. You only need to change the registration number if you have a new car, or if you temporarily use another car.

The parking permit with varying registration numbers on it is useful if you use different cars. You should always inform us of the registration number. This can be done online or via telephone number 14 030. This registration number will remain active for a maximum of five days. You can change the registration number as many times as you want.


  • You have a valid disability parking card. If you don’t, then apply for a disability parking card.
  • For a parking permit with a fixed registration number:
    The registration number of the car is registered in name of:
    • yourself
    • your leasing company
    • the company you work for
    • a household member registered at your address

What should be included in your application?

  • Did you receive your disabled parking permit from another municipality? Include a photo or scan of the front and back of your disabled parking permit. This will not be necessary if you received the card from the municipality of Utrecht.
  • If the registration number is in the name of a leasing company or in the name of a company, include a statement from the party in whose name a vehicle is registered (the company or the leasing company) as stated on vehicle registration certificate part 1B. The statement must not be older than six months. It states that you are the driver of the vehicle with this registration number.


Using DigiD

Apply for a disabled parking permit

Want to apply without the use of DigiD? Please contact us via telephone number 14 030 or online via Ask a question about parking.

After your application

You will receive an email within three working days. The permit is immediately valid.

About the permit

  • With the permit, you can only park in parking spaces at parking meters. It’s not requiered to leave your parking card behind the windscreen. You only need to use the card if you parked in a disabled parking space.
  • The permit is not valid in a parking garage.
  • The permit is digital. Through automated parking control, we can check if your registration number is connected to a parking permit.
  • Do you live in Utrecht? The permit will remain valid as long as your disabled parking permit is valid.
  • Don't live in Utrecht? The permit is valid for 2 years. Is your parking card expiring sooner? The parking permit will no longer be valid from that date onwards. After that, you can reapply for a new parking permit.

Adjusting the registration number

Are you (temporarily) using another car? You can adjust the registration number.

Changing a fixed number plate

If you have a new car or are temporarily using another car, change the number plate on Utrecht.nl/kentekengehandicapte and use the 'Tijdelijk kenteken doorgeven’ button.

Changing a varying number plate

You can change the number plate indefinitely for up to 5 days at a time. Go to Utrecht.nl/kentekengehandicapte and use the ‘Kenteken doorgeven’ button.

Do you need help?

Need help applying for a parking permit? Call our telephone number at 14 030.

You can also visit the district office or the service point in the city office for help.