Applying for a postal address

If you do not have a permanent residential address, you can apply for a postal address. You will then receive your mail at that address. A postal address registration will not affect any benefits, council tax, rent allowance or healthcare allowance. The resident at your postal address is not responsible for any debts you may have.

There are several situations in which you may need a postal address. For example:

  • You are homeless
  • You need to bridge a short gap between 2 homes
  • You are staying at a care facility
  • You are in prison
  • You are temporarily going abroad and want to maintain an address in the Netherlands. This is only possible if you are leaving for less than 8 months.

You can use the address of family, friends or acquaintances as a postal address. If you are homeless and unable to find a postal address within your own circle, you may be able to obtain a postal address from the municipality of Utrecht. To do so, contact Stadsteam Back Up.

Postal address with family, friend or acquaintance

Make sure you have the written consent of the primary occupant of the postal address. This must be filled in on the postal address application form. You also have to submit a copy of the ID of the consenting primary resident.

Supporting documents

If you need a postal address to bridge a short gap between two homes or due to a short stay abroad, we ask for supporting documents.

Bridging a short gap between 2 homes:

  • copy of contract of sale for new home; or
  • copy of the deed of delivery of new home; or
  • copy of rental contract for new home.

Short stay abroad (less than 8 months):

  • proof of foreign address; or
  • copy of airline ticket; or
  • copy of internship agreement or employment contract.

Please send the supporting documents along with your application; this enables us to process your application faster.

Applying for a postal address

Still registered in Utrecht or another municipality

If you are still registered in Utrecht or another municipality, you can apply for a postal address online. You will need DigiD to do this.

You and the address provider must apply for the postal address together. Please have both of your DigiD credentials at hand. You always need permission from the person you are registering with; they are called the address provider.

With DigiD

Apply for a postal address with DigiD

If you cannot submit the application for a postal address together, you can apply for the postal address online and include the following attachments:

No longer registered in the Netherlands

If you are no longer registered at an address in the Netherlands, you must apply for a postal address in person at the Civil Affairs desk at the Municipality of Utrecht. Please make an appointment to do so.

Make an appointment

Please bring the following to your appointment:

After your application

You will receive an answer within 4 weeks to let you know whether your application has been granted or rejected. We may also request additional information.

The Postal address is temporary

After 6 months, the municipal authority will review whether you still need the postal address. You will be notified of this at your postal address.