Registration of birth

After your child’s birth, you have to register its birth at the municipality in which your child was born, within 3 days after its birth. The registrar of the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages will draw up a birth certificate, which includes when and in which municipality your child was born, the child’s name and the names of the child’s parents.

Make an appointment

To register a birth, you need to make an appointment. You can make an appointment through the appointment tool. Choose the product 'Geboorteaangifte'.

Please, bring the following documents when you go to your appointment:

  • A valid proof of identity.
  • If you have the document 'recognition of the unborn child', please bring this to the appointment. Otherwise, please read the text under the paragraph 'paternity'.

Registration costs

The registration of a birth is free of charge. You are also given an extract of the birth certificate free of charge. If your child has another nationality, you may need an international extract of the birth certificate for registration with foreign authorities. The cost for the international extract is € 16,60.

Registration in the municipality where your child was born

If your child was born in the municipality of Utrecht, you register the birth at the Stadskantoor in Utrecht. If your child was born in another municipality, registration has to take place in the respective municipality, for instance when the child was born in the hospital in another municipality.
If you do not live in Utrecht but your child was born in Utrecht, the birth has to be registered with the Civil Affairs Department of the municipality of Utrecht at a time when the Civil Affairs Desk of your own municipality is also open, for we may need to contact the municipality of your town of residence immediately.

Registration within 3 days after birth

You need to register a birth within 3 days after the date of birth. The date of birth is not included. This means the following:

Days - register a birth
Child born onRegistration at the latest on:


Friday (if Monday is a public holiday)Wednesday

Who can register the birth?

The mother or father can register the child’s birth. If this is not possible, someone else has to register the child. Make sure that this person is someone who:

  • was present at the child’s birth
  • lives in the house in which the child was born
  • is the head of the institution where the child was born

Foreign nationality

The rules provided here are based on Dutch law. If the child (also) has another nationality, other rules may apply as well. For the choice of name, the right on names of the respective country may apply.
We register your child’s nationality/nationalities in het Basic Registration of Persons (BRP).
If you have any questions on your specific situation, please contact us through our customer service: 030 - 286 00 00.

Paternity- recognition of (unborn) child

If you are not married and you do not have a proof of an official registered partnership, and the man wants to be registered as the father from the child’s birth, he needs to recognise the unborn child. This will only be possible if mother has given her approval.
If you do not have the Dutch nationality, other paternity of recognition rules and laws may apply. For information on your specific situation, please contact our customer service: 030 - 286 00 00.