Registration international students

Are you staying in Utrecht more than 4 months to study? Then you need to register with the municipality.

Arrange your registration as soon as possible!

  • You need to make an appointment within 5 days upon your arrival in the Netherlands.
  • Location: Stadskantoor, Stadsplateau 1, 3521 AZ Utrecht.

This is how you make an appointment

You can register at the International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region, by appointment only. The appointment is in Dutch, please use the English instructions.

Bring the following documents with you to your appointment

  • A valid identification (passport or identity card).
  • A tenancy agreement (starting no later than the day of your appointment), contract of sale of your home, or your proprietor’s permission; ask your proprietor to complete this form (pdf, 64 kB).
  • If applicable, a proof of legal residence in the Netherlands (residence permit, provisional residence permit (MVV) or a proof of application for such permit).
  • A proof of deregistration if coming from Aruba, Curaçao, St Maarten, Bonaire, Saba or St Eustatius.

Why is registration necessary?

As a result of registering you will receive a personal public service number (BSN). This unique personal service number is used by public authorities to retrieve your details, so you do not need to provide your details again on subsequent occasions. A BSN is required in order to be allowed to work, start an internship, make use of a health care institution or open a bank account, for instance. Visit the website of the Welcome Centre for more information.