City of Utrecht Waste

The municipality of Utrecht collects your waste once or twice (city center) a week. In some parts of Utrecht, waste is disposed in undergrounds containers.

Everything you need to know about your household waste

If you recycle your waste as much as possible, you contribute to a better environment and lower processing costs. In Utrecht, we collect glass, paper, textile and garden waste (including vegetables and fruit) separately. You are also required to keep any kind of chemical waste separate and deposit it at the closest municipal recycling center. Do you want to know when your waste is collected? Look at the Afvalwijzer, a website with all the information.

At this moment we ask you to hand in your plastic, cans and drinking cartons separately from the residual waste. Soon you can stop separating this waste. We will start working with a waste sorting machine, that separates plastic, cans and drinking cartons from residual waste. This results in better separation and more reusable plastic. One neighbourhood at a time, we will be stopping the separate collection of plastic waste. You will receive a letter about this when the system changes in your neighbourhood. 

Mijn afvalwijzer in English

Do you want to know when your waste is being collected? Look at After filling out your zip code and house number, you can choose for English (English flag at top right).
You can also download the Afvalwijzer App. In the app you can choose for English.

Download de Afvalwijzer-app

If your waste is collected in a kliko (140 or 240 l. container), you can put the container by the road after 22:00 the day before collection and before 8:00 on the day of collection.
To order a (new) Kliko container, please call the Utrecht Service Number: 030 - 286 00 00.