City hall accessibility

Citizen or entrepreneur in Utrecht? In the city hall you are provided with services and products.

Visiting address

Stadsplateau 1
3521 AZ Utrecht

Opening hours

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays: 8 am – 5 pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8 am – 9 pm


Please do make an appointment. For instance if you need to exchange the driving-license from your home country into a Dutch one, or acquire a construction permit, or pick up your passport. You can schedule an appointment online. To make an appointment by phone, please call 14 030. Please hold the line for an operator.

While entering

At the entrance there is a registration system in the centre of the reception hall. This system directs you to the floor and desk of your appointment.

Is the purpose of your visit a meeting? Take the stairs, elevator or escalator to the sixth floor. There is no need for registration. 

Do you need assistance?

In the entrance hall a host or hostess will assist you. If necessary a wheelchair is available within the building.

Route description


Park your bike in the fietsenstalling Jaarbeursplein. With a public transport chip cart (OV-chipkaart) you can park your bike the first 24 hours for free. If the bicycle shelter is completely full or you do not have a PTCC but you do have an appointment at the city hall, then contact the manager. Upon presentation of the appointment confirmation (in print or on your mobile phone) you will be allowed to park the bike for two hours at an indicated position. Another option is to go to stalling Westplein. The entrance of the city hall is located at the Stadsplateau, above the bicycle shelter and is accessible by stairs, elevator or escalator.

Public Transport

The city hall is situated next to the Central Station at the Jaarbeurs-side. In the station follow the signs 'Jaarbeurs'. By leaving the station hall you are at the Stadsplateau just opposite of the city hall.

By car

In the neighbourhood of the city hall you will find various parking lots. Adjacent (paid) parking facilities are 'Jaarbeurs P1 until P5',  parkinggarage 'Kop van Lombok'. Parking facilities are also available at a P+R location just outside the city center. From there sufficient public transport is available to the city hall.

Deliver and pick up

Is there someone who can bring and take you to the city hall? There is 'kiss and ride'-location (K+R) at the Jaarbeursplein.

Delivery of goods

Are you going to deliver goods? Go to the 'Expeditiehof' in the basement of the city hall, entrance Mineurslaan.


Do you arrive by (area)taxi, then ask your drive to take you to the Jaarbeurs-side. The entrance of the city hall is located at the Stadsplateau and is easy attainable from the taxistop through the stairs, elevator or escalator.

Parking if disabled

If you are a disabled person and you come by car? Than various parking options are available.

Townhall parking lots

If you have a disabled person identity cart, you are allowed to park in the basement of the city hall. Register at the intercom at the entrance. This is located in the center of the access way in front of the parking garage. You are informed where to park. A host(ess) will take you to the entrance hall.

Do you arrive by taxi? Than the same procedure applies as described while utilising your own car.

Parking at Jaarbeursplein

Jaarbeursplein has 2 parking locations for disabled persons. By presenting a disabled-person-identification card you are allowed to park here for two hours. The elevator is situated between the stairs and the entrance to the bicycle shelter. This will take you to the Stadsplateau.

Jaarbeurs carpark

By presenting a disabled-person-identification card you are also allowed to park at the Jaarbeurs carpark. The area is situated opposite the Jaarbeursplein at the Croeselaan. Again the elevator takes you to the Stadsplateau and the entrance of the city hall.