City of Utrecht This is Utrecht

In the short animation film and brochure This is Utrecht, we use figures and images to show you what the city of Utrecht is and wants to be.

The brochure is available in Dutch and English. View the junior version of This is Utrecht.

This is Utrecht

View the source list (pdf, 88 kB) for more information about the figures in this brochure.

The figures

Below you will find a small selection of the figures that you will find in This is Utrecht. Most of the figures are for the year 2018.

Utrecht has:

  • 689,000 hotel stays
  • 352,941 residents
  • 261,794 jobs
  • 160,000 trees
  • 1,765 shops
  • 1,526 concerts
  • 800 bridges
  • 169 nationalities
  • 7 train stations
  • 9.5% roofs with solar panels (the figure is from 2018, 13% in 2019)

More information

If you would like to know more or get information in another language, then contact the Research Department on telephone number +31 (0)30 286 00 00.